5 Monologues About Love

Not Just Yet (drama) 1 Minute Talking Trash (drama) 1 Minute Promises, Promises (drama) 1 Minute Tell Me, Sam (drama) 2 Minutes Arouse Me (serio-comedy) 2 Minutes photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc

4 Animal Monologues

Bird In My Ass (comedy) 1-2 Minutes Dog Anxiety (comedy) 1-2 Minutes The Dog Stays (serio-comedy) 2 Minutes When the Bell Sounds (serio-comedy) 1-2 Minutes photo credit: Adam Foster | Codefor via photopin cc

10 Office Monologues

Crashing Down (drama) 1-2 Minutes %85 Of All Workers (drama) 2 Minutes Next In Line (comedy) 2 Minutes Blind Assumption (drama) 2 Minutes Next Best Thing (serio-comedy) 1 Minute Space in the Place (serio-comedy) 1 Minute Last Laugh (drama) 1 Minute Yo (comedy) 1 Minute One Time, One Night (drama) 1 Minute The Passionate Intern (comedy) 1 Minute photo credit: slworking2 via photopin cc

Dark Side Monologues

Shooting Practice (serio-comedy) 2 Minutes Howta Be A Gangsta (comedy) 1 Minute Before You Go (drama) 1 Minute Gangster Grandma (comedy) 1 Minute That’s Classy (drama) 2 Minutes No Choice (drama) 2 Minutes Killing You (drama) 2 Minutes Man With Gun (serio-comedy) 1 Minute The Movie Buff (drama) 1 Minute Nobody Will Get Hurt (drama) 1 Minute Download the free ebook TRIGGA FINGA MONOLOGUES - Character Tales of Crime and Corruption photo credit: YAIAGIFT™ via photopin cc