10 Powerful Speeches In History To Read and Watch

Here are some of the greatest speeches in history to read and 10 more iconic speeches included to watch from the worlds most powerful orators.

  1. Moses – In this greatest speeches in history series, MOSES calls his people together on Mount Sinai to deliver the Ten Commandments.
  2. Socrates – In this greatest speeches in history series, SOCRATES is on trial for “corrupting youthful minds” with his “Socratic Method” and in this speech defends himself.
  3. Demosthenes – In this greatest speeches in history series, DEMOSTHENES gives a speech against Philip of Macedon, to defend the freedom of the city states against imperialism.
  4. Ethelbert – In this greatest speeches in history series, ETHELBERT (Saxon King of Kent) gives a speech in response to Augustine of Canterbury and his followers who wish to convert England.
  5. Queen Elizabeth I – The Spanish Armada (with 17,000 soldiers) was sailing to invade England, when Queen Elizabeth I took command at Tilbury and addressed the troops with this powerful speech.
  6. William The Conqueror – William The Conqueror gave this famous speech right before entering into battle to invade England and take the crown.  In this speech, he was still Duke William of Normandy as he spoke to his troops.
  7. Edmund Burke – In this historic speech, EDMUND BURKE speaks in support of Charles James Fox regarding theIndia Reform Bill.
  8. Charles James Fox – In this great speech in history, CHARLES JAMES FOX gives one of his best speeches with regards to the ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of the press’.
  9. Mirabeau – One of the causes of the French Revolution was enormous public debt.  MIRABEAU presented a now famous oration in defense of Jacques Necker’s patriotic tax.
  10. Georges Jacques Danton – GEORGES JACQUES DANTON gave this great speech inside a nervous Convention, due to riots taking place in the streets.
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