10 Versatile Male Serio-Comic Monologues

There are times when an actor will be called upon to perform a monologue that will need to have a combination of both drama and comedic elements. This list of monologues are considered serio-comedy pieces you can use for auditions.

  1. Cook My Brain Till It’s Well Done  (1 Minute) – In this monologue SPIKE goes on about how he can never make sense out of women.
  2. Bitch, You Crazy (1 Minute) – In this monologue, Lenny tells his friend a story of how he broke it off with a girl he was seeing because she threatened him. Lenny speaks with bad English. He has a poor education and comes from the school of street thought.
  3. Apologize School (Under 1 Minute) – In this monologue, Roy talks to his girlfriend about how she never apologizes when she’s wrong.
  4. Old Ice Cream (Under 1 Minute) – In this monologue, Barry talks to his friend who seems to keep teasing him about the same container of ice cream, that has remained in his freezer for over a year.
  5. The Dog Stays (2 Minutes) – In this monologue, FRANCES talks to his neighbor, a young guy he’s befriended over the years.  They sip coffee and talk.  Frances just finished washing his car and he wipes it over with a towel.
  6. Oatmeal Cookies (2 Minutes) – Patsy is in the living room watching t.v. with one of his close friends.  He discusses a story about the eating duel he’s been having while taking in his Grandson in the house until his daughter comes back from vacation.
  7. Pumped Up (Under 1 Minute) – Ramone is tired of hearing about his friend’s cheap talk and no action in regards to having no ambition whatsoever to be anything in his life.
  8. Pass Me Jug (2 Minutes) –  Two men are in war and one needs to pee, the other gives advice on how to do this as a battle approaches them.
  9. Sexual Magnetism (1 Minute) – In this monologue, Joseph talks his girl up to sexual desire, over the phone.  His girl is currently at her place getting ready to come over his place.  He teases her on the phone, flirting with her to get her excited for her visit.  This is a fun and intimate moment couples have with one another.
  10. Would You Love Me If… (1 Minute) –  In this monologue,  Jesse teases his girlfriend in a playful manner.
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