11 Smart Influencer Strategies For Snapchat

How do I become an influencer on Snapchat?  You can’t just snap your fingers and become an influencer on Snapchat or any social media platform for that matter.  =)  It’s going to take a lot of hard work.  The earlier you get in, the better off you will be.  This is known as early adoption.

Check out these current Snapchat stats:

  • 18% of all social media users in the US are on Snapchat (source).
  • 71% of Snapchat users are under age 25 (source).
  • 30% of millennials in the US use Snapchat regularly (source).
  • Snapchat added 25-to-34-year-old users twice as fast as 18-to-24-year-old users. (source).


1. Don’t Join Snapchat Just To Be An Influencer

It’s cool to have the goal of building up a following but it needs to be done in a genuine manner by producing and sharing sincere content.

2. Give Value

Give something worthwhile.  Whether is be entertainment, art or educational.

3. Don’t Rush Things  

Speedy expectations will result in quitting.  Be committed long term, not short term.


The more truthful you can be, the better off you will be.  People have a sense as to when someone is ‘putting on’ a show rather than being someone who is the real deal.

5. Have Fun With It  

One of the most important things is to have a good time.  If you find yourself forcing yourself to do Snaps or simply getting bored by the idea of it, that’s the message you will be sending and if that’s the case, you should think about if Snapchat is your kind of platform.  Not every platform is going to be right for your style and interests.

6. Push Your Creative Limits 

Don’t settle for average.  Always try to make your content have that little extra creative spice that people will take notice of.

7. Be Consistent  

You literally have to be rocking Snapchat on a regular basis.  That’s part of the commitment thing mentioned earlier.  You need to be on it enough to make some noise.  Random snaps once in a blue moon won’t cut it.  Have a plan and Snap regularly.

8. Snap Narrative

String together snaps to tell a story narrative.  A lot of popular Snappers do this and it keeps people engaged.

9. Collaborate  

It’s wise to hook up with other Snapchatters and see if you can do something cool together.  This will help each of you grow your following.

10. Engage  

Get down with your viewers, connect, share, communicate.  Nothing is worse than a one sided conversation.

11. Passion  

Find something you’re really passionate about.  When you are passionate about something everyone will catch on and want to know more.

Bonus Snapchat Tips

  • Snapchat drains batteries.  Keep an eye on it.
  • Watch your data storage.
  • Save often, like all apps, things can crash and you can lose something really cool that you were working on.

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