130 Million Dollar Netflix Budgeted Series ‘The Crown’

The Crown, is a new American-British drama series that will appear on Netflix. Produced by Left Bank Pictures, and written and created by Peter Morgan who also wrote other popular plays like Frost/ Nixon, and The Audience. The Crown is set to be a type of biography story about Queen Elizabeth II of the UK’s reign. It will follow her from the day of her wedding in 1947, to the present day details of her life. “The Netflix drama focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a 25-year-old newlywed faced with a series of unimaginably daunting private and personal challenges as she ascends to the throne following the unexpected death of her father, George VI.”

What is interesting about the way that creators are doing the show, is the different actors they will need to cast throughout. The goal for them is to have 60 episodes over 6 seasons which is a lot of television. So, since there are so many different episodes, and it is all about her life from 1947 to now, they will need to cast different actors in kind of a short window, because the story is aging, so the actors will have to as well. For staters, Claire Foy will play Queen Elizabeth at the beginning of her reign (and the beginning of the show,)and Matt Smith will play Prince Philip. However there are other important historical figures in this show that have younger actors playing them now then they will later on. For example, Jared Harris will play King George VI, Vanessa Kirby will play Princess Margaret, John Lithgow will play Winston Churchill, and Greg Wise will play Louis Mountbatten. The all star cast of the future, will connect with the characters they play who embody all star characters of the past.

When the trailer came out on September 28, 2016 critics went nuts over the 130 million dollar production that is The Crown. It is said to be the “biggest-budget TV series of all time” and the trailer leaves fans not surprised as to how or why the budget is so big. In just two minuets and fifty three seconds, we can see just how determined Queen Elizabeth was at being as successful as she has been for all of these years. The trailer also makes a big impact and the first 25 seconds are enough to give you chills. A man (I’m assuming an advisor to the Queen,) says to her “It would help if we could decide here and now on your name.” To which the Queen replies “My name?” the man then says “yes ma’am your regular name, and that is the name you will take as queen.” She then responds with all her authority, “Let’s not over complicate matters unnecessarily, my name is Elizabeth.” They all get up and the man says “Then…long live Queen Elizabeth,” and the music gets dramatic and you get a sense of how powerful this show will be because of her powerful Queen Elizabeth was. The simple words “long live Queen Elizabeth” are the truest of the whole trailer.

The rest of the trailer shows the Queen struggling to keep her personal and professional relationships at bay, and it is obvious that that was very difficult for her. All in all, this show looks like the most interesting piece of drama Netflix has ever put out.

The Crown will debut on Netflix on November 4th.

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