30 Male Monologues – DRAMA

Here’s a strong list of 30 contemporary monologues for men.  For even more male dramatic monologues. Thanks for using Monologue Blogger.

  1. Gambled It Away 1 Minute – Ralph confesses to his wife that he spent the loan they took out against the house on gambling.
  2. My Hero, My Idol 1 Minute – Sal gives a speech at his older brothers funeral.  His brother died on “the job” as a fireman hero.
  3. Fistfights With Dad 2 Minutes – Brad tells his girlfriend what he went through with his father in his past when she confronts him about his behavior for getting into fistfights.
  4. Freddy Ferrara 2 Minutes – A petrified Freddy Ferrara talks to his brother Richie’s answering machine from a payphone.  This is Freddy’s last attempt at contacting a loved one, before he runs for his life.
  5. Ambush The Enemy 1-2 Minutes – Mr. Capoli shares a war story with one of his history students.
  6. Listen To Me  2 Minutes – Price stands in his prison cell talking to himself and anyone else who will listen.
  7. Burn 1 Minute – Mark talks to his Sergeant about how he feels about terrorism.
  8. Braggadocio 2 Minutes – Wes brags about a “hit job” he did one night.
  9. Turning In My Badge 2 Minutes – Jason talks about why he left the police force.
  10. Street Hustle 2 Minutes – Blaze talks about his street hustle.
  11. Mexican Citizen Dreams 2 Minutes – Miguel talks to his American friend about wishing he was a citizen.
  12. Korean War Memories 2 Minutes – Xavier reveals a past memory from when he served in the Korean War.
  13. Peace Button Under 1 Minute – Trey blows off some steam regarding terrorism.
  14. Dark Past Under 1 Minute – George warns his brother to never come back to town again or else death is waiting for him.
  15. Change 1 Minute – SLIM talks about how he may be seriously ill and the change he must make to live a healthier life.
  16. Temper vs. Patience 1 Minute – Wally talks to his best friend about his girlfriends anger management issues.
  17. The World Will Be On Your Side – CALVIN encourages his friend to stay focused on the things that matters in his work, rather than on the haters who try to hurt him.
  18. Money Can’t Buy Happiness – J talks to a complete stranger in NYC about his true identity and his struggles with his family’s secret wealth.
  19. That’s Classy 2 Minutes – A gangster talks about the art of what he does.
  20. Poppa’s Dime 2 Minutes – Joseph recalls what the meaning of finding a dime faced up on the ground means to him.
  21. Game Face 1 Minute – Robbie looks back on the drug life he used to live.
  22. Storm Chaser 2 Minutes – Roger recounts a tale of how he almost lost his life in a Tsunami.
  23. Final Curtain Call 2 Minutes – Sam wants out of his marriage.  In this monologue he talks to his wife as if it’s his dying wish.
  24. 7 x 8 2 Minutes – Thomas talks to his girlfriend about what he went through with his father, as a child.
  25. Since We Were Kids 1 Minute – Ryan talks about the love and loyalty he has for his cousin.
  26. Pounding In My Head 1 Minute – Jeffrey complains about the noisy kid who likes playing the drums next door.
  27. Man Called John 1 Minute – John has been seeing a physchiatrist for some time. He shares a story from his life that occurred recently that he feels has helped him cope with his disfigurements.
  28. My Best Customer 1 Minute – Ice talks to his boy about how he makes his fortune with drugs.
  29. Test Me 1 Minute – Sean tells a so called friend how he feels about what he thinks of him.
  30. Spare Change? 1 Minute – a homeless man begs for money.
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