4 Essential Features: Content Creator Website

As a content creator you need a few key features that will help provide you with the proper digital presence you wish to manifest, if you are going to have your own website.  Actors, DJ’s, Photographers, Vloggers and virtually any creative can benefit from some of the 4 features I’m going to share with you.

It’s more than just putting up some random website and joining a few social media platforms.  If you are serious about what you do as a content creator in the digital realm, than you need to be aware of the importance your internet presence has on your audience.

Let’s go over a few things together that are stand out options you should definitely check off your list.

Responsive Web Design

If you don’t have a responsive web design for your project in 2016, you might as well not have a website at all. Mobile usage, especially those who are millennials, have surpassed users on desktop computers right around two years ago, according to a study from comScore.

Mobile Surpassing Desktop

Today, there is nothing less charming than visiting a website on your smart phone and the images, text, video is completely disfigured. The generation dominating internet usage from their mobile devices simply aren’t accustomed to ‘waiting’ for a website to load properly, let alone look poorly. Even if your target customer is in an older age bracket, it still does not mean they should be robbed of a good user experience by visiting your company website via mobile or desktop.

Having a responsive website eliminates that problem because no matter what screen you view your website (desktop, mobile or tablet), your visitor will be able to experience it without any visual fuss. This improved functionality gives value to the user because they will have easier navigation and have the luxury of locating the information or products that they are most interested in quickly and efficiently. Even if a purchase isn’t made, the experience of a good responsive design will keep your brand equity in good standing with that person.

A bad website design, with no responsive design built-in can do more than make you lose personal brand equity, it can have a negative impact on your personal brand or creative project long-term.

It should be clear how crucial it is to have a responsive web design for yourself in today’s digital economy.


So, you have your website responsive. Great. What happens next? How do you position your project to succeed online?

Success means many things to many people. You need to understand what your project goals are but building trust and authenticity with your visitor is something that no content creator should ever take for granted.

How do you achieve that?

One way is by Blogging. It is by no means the only way but it is ‘A’ way.  Blogging has been around for years and it still gets misunderstood by actors, writers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers and many other creatives.

Underestimating the value of blogging is a huge mistake. Blogging has the power of generating organic traffic results to your website, without costing you one single dime.

How does that strike you?

As a content creator, one of the smartest strategies you can put into place to grow your project/brand is blogging.”

You can build your project or brand’s user base, if you are using key principles for content creation and content marketing.

Here are a few elements to consider when implementing your content strategy:

  • HeadingsDavid Ogilvy has stated that, “on average five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.”
  • Opening Paragraph – a good sub-heading is one that instantly entices the reader to read on.
  • Human/Technical – you want to have an article that always remains true to your voice by being human but also contains tidbits of vocabulary that has keyword structure within it.
  • Images/Video – place quality images and video content within your article as well without overdoing it.

As you may notice, there is quite a bit of ground one must cover in order to understand and execute on content creation and content marketing. Consistency is key and results can take a year before you start reaping any benefits from content that can scale your traffic growth.  There are no easy shortcuts and it does take much hard work and patience.

If you look at some of the major companies out there like Coca-Cola, American Express or General Electric,, they have all started content publishing online.Not because they want to be blog experts but because they wish to communicate their voice as honest as they can to their customers.

I understand they are businesses but the reason why I am using them as an analogy is because you need to run your own content like a business.  Doesn’t matter what sort of content creator you are, you can be an actor, writer, director, painter, it simply doesn’t matter.  It all applies to what you do.

They don’t write articles about sales pitches or promotions but rather write about shared experiences, stories or even off brand topics of interest that they feel their customers can receive value from. That builds trust for a brand and it builds trust for your own personal brand or creative project you launch as well.

Other elements go beyond writing, you need to incorporate good design via images on your site, perhaps video content if you have a web series as mentioned above and even audio content like a podcast, depending on the nature of your goals.

There is an abundance of media material you can use to grow your own audience as a content creator.


Another ingredient is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. A term that simply means optimizing your content so search engines can find it, which in turn allows your audience to find you.

Without having the proper keywords in place on the backend of your modern website, you will be missing out on traffic possibilities.

Good SEO improves the lead generation for potential audience building because it helps bring the target visitor you are looking for back to your site.

Not enough can be said of SEO’s importance.

Social Components

Social Media is just as important as blogging consistently with your content. It is another vehicle you can use to build your audience.

Whereas blogging content helps you bring customers back to your own land, social media helps you build loyal customers on other property, with the hopes of bringing them back to your own land.

In addition to managing your social media, a good strategy is to tap the shoulders of influencers in your specific space, who have already established themselves with their own brand.

If you are a musician, why not reach out to another band that appeals to a similar demographic in terms of music genre and see if you can cross promote one another in some way.  Build alliances that will strengthen one another.  If you are an actor, perhaps write a blog post on a popular actor site that will help share in your own actor experiences and will also lend a hand in getting people to know about you and the work you do in your own right.

There are so many ways that content creators can collaborate and work together to help grow one another further along their careers.

Now, it’s important for your to recognize the fact that you simply can’t reach out to just ‘any’ influencer.  There will be some people who are either too busy or are simply not interested but that comes with the territory.  It doesn’t hurt to ask. What’s the worst anyone can say to you?  No?  Big deal.  Every no is only one step closer to a yes.

When working with another creative, you need to consider a few main factors:

  • You have to do your research and see who is out there, that you feel will align with where you see your own personal brand or project working well with.
  • The next step is making sure you understand that you give the content creator their creative freedom to create their content strategy for your brand with their audience. No one will know how to connect with their users better than they do, so it is wise to cut them loose and do their best work for you, so long as you think they will align with your social media needs to begin with.
  • Study the analysis of your ROI to see how well the social influencers reach was for your campaign and you should call it just that, a content creator campaign.

In Conclusion:

The 4 essential features of a modern website discussed here, all work in harmony with one another but each have their own significance individually apart from each other. It’s like having the proper amount of air inside the four wheels to your car, all four need to be working extremely well if you wish to have a smooth ride.

Also, I would just like to point out, that some of these tips won’t be for you and that’s okay.  There are many roads that lead to Rome, the important thing is to find the road, your road, that will get you to where you wish to be.

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founding editor-in-chief of Monologue Blogger. In addition to running MB, Joseph is a filmmaker/producer who has had his films premiere at Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and Tribeca Cinema's Big Apple Film Festival.