5 Methods of Highly Successful Content Creators

How do you create content that’s top-notch, engaging, entertaining or valuable? I’m going to share with you 5 highly successful habits that some of the best content creators use regularly.

This is sort of like a mini road map you can use to improve your content creations for your audience.  They are useful tidbits of information you may apply to your own content creation process.

#1 Understand Audience

This is mentioned almost as much as “engagement on social media” type phrase.  It is worth mentioning because it’s true.  You have to know your audience.  You don’t want to spend a year or two creating content for an audience you discover is wrong for your long-term goals.  It’s so important to know who you want to reach from the get go.  Yes, things will evolve, shift and change but so long as you always know your target, you can make those adjustments easily, without losing any hard work you’ve been doing.

#2 Study New Forms

Most of the top content creators are always sniffing around the latest technology, ideas and concepts.  They have a strong tendency to experiment as often as possible and try new things.  Some stuff will stick and other things won’t.  It really boils down to having the mindset to keep challenging yourself and not get too comfortable within your creative workflow.  Have a strong foundation but be nimble so you can flex your creativity around new paths that can have a strong impact on your ROI.

#3 Update

Going back and updating old posts for instance and then republishing them anew is a time saver and keeps your content in the now.  Technology changes, ideas bend and perhaps a previous article you’ve written isn’t holding up as much as it once was.  Well, give it a fresh coat of paint and drive it around your community.  This will give you more content, help with your SEO and can help save you time on busy content creating days.  This also applies to videos or podcasts.  You can create a follow up with a link to the old piece of content, bridging the two and providing a larger scope of an idea.  This keeps people engaged and kind of gives them a deeper aspect into your content from viewing the evolution of what you think about something.  Your audience will also appreciate how you stick with the times on their behalf and this build strong brand loyalty.

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#4 Create Content Consistently 

There doesn’t seem to be content creators in any form of digital media that publishes a video, article, Instagram photo, Snapchat vid, tweet every once in a while.  Great content creators are committed day in and day out.  They put in the time to create value via entertainment or education.  This keeps their audience connected and also builds trust.  Being sporadic as a content creator misleads people.  You need to be on your game with a 24/7 mentality.  Generate a content schedule for yourself and publish at your own pace.  Even if it’s one day a week, it’s a start and provides consistency.

#5 Study Content Performance

How does your content perform once published and promoted via social media?  You need to keep a watch on what effect your content has on your audience.  This gives you the insight into understanding what content they like more or less than other pieces of content.  Analyzing the audience reaction to your content saves you time because you will be able to zero in on specific content that caters more to their needs.  You can produce more content that aligns closer to their wants and less content that doesn’t interest them as much, making your work time more accurate and most importantly, giving real value to your community.

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founding editor-in-chief of Monologue Blogger. In addition to running MB, Joseph is a filmmaker/producer who has had his films premiere at Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and Tribeca Cinema's Big Apple Film Festival.