5 Principles of Influencer Marketing for Actors

There’s a new breed of actor brand advocates.  What makes influencers so special for brands is that they focus on their interests, passions and creative projects.  When those same interests from an influencer are in alignment with a brand’s product, partnerships get made.

There are other venues actors can step into that can be exciting.  There is a lot of untapped fertile ground for actors to tread upon where creativity can be expressed on your own terms.

Stats according to Startup Grind:

  • 90% of people rely on trusted recommendations before buying a product.
  • 60% of consumers buy a product if an influencer suggested it.
  • 81% of consumers trust blog advice.

You can be an influencer on a range of social media platforms or your own blog.  For purposes of this article, let’s discuss the power of Youtube for a minute in terms of influencers.

According to a survey in Variety, Youtube stars are more popular than mainstream celebrities among U.S. teens.

Here’s a great example of how actress Colleen Evans created a character named Miranda Sings and started what become a video series on her Youtube channel.

Another awesome example is of filmmaker Casey Neistat who creates short daily film styled videos on his Youtube channel.

They are actors or filmmakers or creatives just like you.  They know their brand and they’ve built a following.  Check out the tips below to give you some guidance to begin or maintain your own influencer marketing strategies.

5 Tips Influencer Marketing for Actors

#1 Focus

Pick an area and concentrate on it.  You may have a concept for a new web series, vlog series, blog series or a funny podcast show.  Awesome.  Focus your energies on your create palette and mash up the colors that will define your image.

#2 Find Your Voice

Decide for yourself what you feel you will be most efficient at in terms of where you believe you can have the most impact.  Is it blogging, vlogging, podcasting?  It can be a combination of many different formats.  The main thing is staying true to yourself and your brand and taking action.  Once you know, go for it and get cranking on your content.

#3 Create Content

After you know what you plan on creating and you have make choices on where you want to distribute your content, the next principle is the content creation factory.  Build a system for yourself where you are delivering regular pieces of content for your audience demographic.  Nothing will ever get going if you don’t generate content.

#4 Consistency

Maintain a consistency in your content production but also in your personal brand.  Be sure that wherever you choose to host your content, that your personal brand for that content remains true to its core values.

#5 Engage

Yes, we have all heard this a billion times but I wouldn’t mention it yet again if it were not both accurate and true.  You have to get out there and connect. Participate in the conversations of social media.  It’s not about posting new content and walking away until you post the next piece of content.  The second part matters just as much.  Once you post content up, you need to promote the heck out of it and partake in the comments/likes/shares when they happen.  Execute and engage.

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founding editor-in-chief of Monologue Blogger. In addition to running MB, Joseph is a filmmaker/producer who has had his films premiere at Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and Tribeca Cinema's Big Apple Film Festival.