5 Red Bull Tips: Content Marketing Actor

There is a ton of content marketing lessons for actors that can get gathered and absorbed from Red Bull Media House.  Red Bull is considered one of the top dogs of content marketing.  Although they sell an energy drink, they have developed over time into an extraordinary content publishing machine.

You aren’t expected to jump out of planes or do backflips from your snowboard but if you can, cool. What should interest you, however, is what you notice working behind the scenes of Red Bull’s Media House and getting curious about what you can learn from them to produce your own original content.  An actor has the opportunity to become their very own media network.  Sound crazy?  Maybe.  But it’s happening…

It would be wrong to compare yourself to Red Bull but right for you to learn from them ways in which their process can help you implement your own unique strategies for digital media.

The digital platforms of today are exciting, worth paying attention too and worth getting on.  Think about how incredibly exciting it was during the dawn of cinema.  The first ever recorded film in history. (with first ever recorded sound)

Red Bull Tips for Actor Marketing

#1 Develop Your Story 

What is the core essence of your story? Why is it significant?  Are you developing a web series?  An article series for a blog?  An ongoing vlog series? Think about what’s at the center of your story in terms of the value you want to provide.  There are different narratives for different media, so get to know your playing field.  Red Bull always seems to have the right content with the right narrative based on their core company values.

#2 Know Your Audience

Red Bull truly understands the audience they generate content for, appealing to competitiveness and sports.  They know their niche and rather than expand wide, they go deep.  Actors today need to deliver content to entertain and engage for a particular niche.

Sometimes you may think you have the right concept in mind when it comes to your target audience. Months may go by and you realize that your content is actually building an audience that you may not necessarily have thought of before. Over a period of time you may realize you want to create something else, something closer to what makes you tick and that too is fine.

The goal is to get in the game and try things out. Always try to do things that make you happy, that give you passion and energy, things that you enjoy doing with your content and it most certainly will always evolve. That’s a good thing.

[Tweet “Don’t look at things evolving as failure, you are only stepping closer to reaching your goals.”]

#3 Create Content, Not Ads

Drive your own content creation and let your brand build on its own. What I mean is that Red Bull creates content “around” its brand. They don’t make content and splash their Red Bull energy drink in your face. They focus on creating content for their audience and what they are selling takes care of itself.

#4 Distribution

Create content worth sharing.  Just about anyone can take a selfie and post it on Instagram.  Just about anyone can tweet or vlog or create a vine loop.  Big deal.  It’s what you do on said platforms that give them resonance.  Check out the 14 Tips on helping you figure out your personal creative brand.

Don’t forget about offline media. Although this article centers on the digital aspects of content marketing for actors, don’t ever neglect or lose sight of offline media. If there are ways for you to implement strategies in those offline areas like print for example, do so, they are still valid.


Create once and publish everywhere is a clever mantra when it comes to content marketing strategy because you can create a piece of content and section off different pieces of it to use and spread on multiple platforms. This will keep the content fresh and platform appropriate. Not to mention what a time saver this will be for you so you can put more into actually promoting the content you produce. This is why it’s called content (what you create) marketing. (what you do to promote it) =)

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founding editor-in-chief of Monologue Blogger. In addition to running MB, Joseph is a filmmaker/producer who has had his films premiere at Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and Tribeca Cinema's Big Apple Film Festival.