5 Things Actors Can Learn From Steve Jobs

How can Steve Jobs help you as an actor?  I believe there are lessons actors can take not just from other actors but from people who have achieved great things in other industries as well.

Steve Jobs was an impresario.  A person who was able to see the potential of an idea and turn it into a physical product, all while envisioning the forward momentum of his company brand.

I’m going to give you 5 things that you can learn from Steve Jobs, to help you in your actor life.

#1 Be Relentless.

Actors give up too easily.  You need to have drive. Whether it’s getting an agent, finding auditions, booking a role or developing your own film project.  You need to be relentless.  Steve Jobs encountered numerous obstacles throughout his entire career. That should be a given for anyone’s life, not just Steve Jobs.  The one great thing he had was a relentless pursuit for what he believed in.  He would stop at nothing to achieve what he set his mind on achieving.  He would argue and push others beyond even what they imagined they were capable of doing.  Actors need to recognize that obstacles make life challenging but without them, life may be a bit boring.  You have to stay in constant pursuit for what matters most to you in your career and consistently push yourself to the best of your abilities.

#2 Passion.

It goes without saying but if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing in your life, you may as well cash in your chips while you’re reading this article.  If you don’t have an inner passion, you most likely won’t grow past the hard times.  Steve Jobs went on record for saying that you need to love what you do because without that, any rational person would give up and do something else.  So, you need to have true passion and truly love what you do, in order to get through the difficult times.

#3 Confidence.

You have to know inside yourself that you are an actor and nobody can tell you different.  With creativity there are times when self-doubt creeps in but if  you have the confidence in your abilities, you will always pull through.  Steve Jobs walked with confidence, he may not have always been right but that’s what made the products at Apple even greater because there would be lengthy debates going back and forth about what was possible or what could work better.  Without confidence to disagree or confidence to go through with something, you will be wasting precious time to move forward in your own life and those that you work with.

#4 Marketing.

Think Different.  Steve Jobs was a master at marketing.  He knew how to generate buzz for his company and product launches.  So much so that he didn’t need to advertise at a certain point because the media was so intrigued with what was coming next, that they promoted the product for Apple anyway, simply because it was newsworthy.  From one of the most famous advertising campaigns in T.V. history and powerful product launch presentations, Steve Jobs understood what his company brand stood for.  The same goes for your personal actor brand.  What do you stand for?  How do you want people in your industry to perceive you as an actor?  When you think of Daniel Day-Lewis you get one kind of brand image.  When you think of Tom Cruise you get another kind of actor brand.  And still, when you think of Johnny Depp, you get another kind of actor brand. It’s important to understand how to market yourself and know your own brand.

#5 Courage.  

You need to have courage in acting, don’t you?  It’s a hard gig living an actor’s life, no matter how financially stable you may be and how much you love it.  In general, it takes a ton of courage and hard work.  Steve Jobs was thrown out of the company he co-founded by the board of directors of Apple.  It took enormous courage for him to build a new company.  It took courage for him to return to Apple as its CEO when asked.  It takes courage to be an actor and face rejection at auditions, it takes courage to perform in plays and act in films and do t.v. work and give interviews to the media or going to networking events and meeting people.  It takes courage to put yourself out there and be vulnerable at times but that’s okay.  You aren’t the only one and by having inner strength to keep at it and live it, you will one day look back on your life and say, “I’m thankful that I had the courage to take a chance.”

To help, to continually help and share, that is the sum of all knowledge; that is the meaning of art.   ~~Eleonora Duse

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founding editor-in-chief of Monologue Blogger. In addition to running MB, Joseph is a filmmaker/producer who has had his films premiere at Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and Tribeca Cinema's Big Apple Film Festival.