7 Ridiculous Comedy Male Monologues

If you are having one of those really lousy days and need some possible way out of your depressing, horrific, tortured life…perhaps a comedy monologue or two will help you stop moaning.  If not, well, that blows, right?

  1. MEDIUM – if you are a little man, God almighty just own it.
  2. ALL DAY LONG – and if you are the bitch in the relationship, own that too.
  3. DEAD OR ALIVE – this really shouldn’t be that funny but it is.
  4. CAN I USE YOUR TOILET?  – this had to happen to you at least once.
  5. NUTTER – yeah, some fellas are a little loopy.  Just a bit.
  6. THERE HE IS – hey, he’s a putz, what can you do?
  7. UPON MY RETURN – should be a Burger King commercial. (cough)
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