8 Powerful Twitter Tips For Actors

Actors signing up for a Twitter account and contacting people you already know isn’t a social media strategy that will help your acting career.

The random post, comment, like or retweet just won’t be enough if you are looking to take true advantage of Twitter and get results that matter.  You need a strategy and you need consistency.

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Tip #1 – Target The People In Your Industry

Actor Target on Twitter

Targeting your industry is when you find the people in the field that you want to connect to. They can be producers, directors, actors, writers, casting directors, agents and more.  The way you target is simple.

Let’s explore a couple of ways you can target your industry to get more out of Twitter. Go to this URL link:  www.search.twitter.com

Now type in the phrase Casting Director.  Up will come the entire twitter stream every single time the phrase casting director was used.  This is an advantage to you because you will be able to locate different post conversations that you can get involved in and engage with.  This introduces you to new casting directors and increases your followers. You can repeat this process with directors, theatre companies or agents.

Out of sight, out of mind.  The more you engage in Twitter, the more active you will become and the more often people in your industry will take notice of you.

Check out Buzzsumo and find out who some of the social media influencers are in your industry.

Type in casting directors for example or filmmaker and up will come some highly ranked individuals in the social media landscape that you can connect to.

Tip #2 – Retweeting

People always appreciate when someone else shares a tweet they’ve posted.  It helps to establish a like minded connection.  This simple act of retweeting is the beginning of how you build relationships with people.  Oftentimes the RT will get returned for something you’ve posted and wanted to share.  When someone retweets your posts, it automatically shows up on that persons twitter feed where their followers will see it.  This increases exposure to you.

Tip #3 – Lists

Twitter sums it up best:  “A list is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the users on that list.”

This really is a great feature that allows you to keep in touch with the people you would like within your network.  It’s an easier and smarter way to organize your twitter feed.

Tip #4 – Commenting

Leaving comments is an excellent way to open up the doors to conversation.  When you leave a comment on someone’s post in a genuine manner, it resonates with that other person and the other people who read it.  This is what they mean by the all too common phrase in social media, “engagement”.

Tip #5 – Messaging

Commenting can lead to messaging if you see a conversation developing.  Many times a comment gets a response from another comment and it can go back and forth and may lead to messaging.  There have been times when I’ve posted something on Twitter and someone left an interesting comment and this created an open dialogue that eventually developed further through messaging.  Numbers and emails get exchanged and finally an in person meet over a coffee or a beer leads to not only an industry contact but a friendship.  All through social media!

Tip #6 – Posting

Provide your own content.  As actors, it’s always great to share the work you are doing.  Images work wonders on Twitter and get more attention.  The more visual you can be with your Twitter posts, the more attention will be given to it.  In addition to sharing your own personal creative work, I would also suggest uploading content to Twitter that falls in line with the entertainment industry as a whole but even more so, content that has value such as quotes from famous actors, sharing links from sites that give good advice on acting.  This is always thoughtful and well received.

Tip #7 – Groups

Join groups that are in your industry.   Heck, you should even start your own group. It’s a powerful way to network and only increases opportunities of meeting new people that are targeted and have something to say.  It’s an exceptional opportunity to build your personal brand online.

Tip #8 – Analytics

Analytics For Actors

You don’t have to be a marketing wizard to check out your analytics inside of twitter. Go to the main menu tab where your icon is and scroll down below to the analytics button.  Once clicked on you will be taken to the data pages that Twitter provides for you for free.  Inside the statistics you will be able to determine which ‘Tweets’ give you the most traction.  In other words, you will be able to see what posts you’ve added to your timeline that have given you the most user engagement.  This will help you understand what forms of content is working for you and it will help you with your post content strategy because you can double down on what works and disregard what isn’t based on the numbers.

If you click on Tweets at the top of the page and then click on Top Tweets under the graph, you are shown what your best performing tweets are by engagements, impressions, retweets, likes, links, clicks and media engagements all under your Tweet Activity tab.

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Joseph Arnone

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