9 Ways Actors Can Conquer Stage Fright

Conquering stage fright is a challenge for some actors.  Monologue Blogger would like to provide you with 9 tips you can use to combat stage fright.

1. Dive In Close your eyes and jump right in…not literally but you get the analogy.  You need to just go for it.  It can be scary but that’s part of the thrill.  Keep doing it again and again and you will start to make adjustments within yourself over your nerves.  It comes down to courage and will power because it’s what you truly love to do and that will always overpower the fear.

2. Be Ready When you know you’ve put in the work, you will be more capable of stepping on that stage or in front of that camera.

3. Meditate  Take the necessary time you need to breathe and rest your thoughts.  Relax your mind, body and spirit and this will help bring you to a place of inner calm so you can do your acting work fully. Here’s a quick exercise called Brain Dumping that may help.

4. Rebrand Your Mind Rebranding is when you make a substitution.  For example, rather than nervousness, replace those feelings with the thoughts of pleasure and happiness.  Begin to train your mind to experience happiness and excitement, rather than nervousness and nausea.

5. Don’t Give In Refuse negative thoughts of self-doubt.  Nobody is perfect. Not one living actor is the greatest actor in the world.  Every actor is an imperfect entity.  Don’t permit yourself to down yourself in your work.  This leads to discouragement.  Instead, put it to the side and simply tune it out.

6. Visualize A Good Day of Work Always do your best to think positive and not psyche yourself out.  Keeping a forward focus while working is a healthy way to prevent doubt and nerves creeping in.

7. Good Luck Charm  Some believe that a good luck charm (like an emblem or stone) can help give good energy and protect you while you work.  If that will help you, by all means, find your good luck charm and keep it with you.

8. Focus On What Your Character Is Doing  By focusing on what your character is doing and then giving yourself completely over to it, you will be too busy living in the moment as your character, rather than thinking about making mistakes in front of an audience or film crew.

9. Exercise. Sometimes a good run or push ups and sit ups can do the trick to shake out those nervous cobwebs.  Find your workout of choice and push those nerves out from your system.

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is a filmmaker and founder of Monologue Blogger.

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