AGAMEMNON Monologue by Aeschylus

Play Synopsis


O, O it hurts:
The truth, true prophecy,
It hurts inside my head.

See, there above the house
Children like dreams, dead children,
Their flesh served up as meat
Which their own father ate.
One plots revenge for this
And O my lord, my lord,
Female shall murder male.

You heard her cry out
But you still do not believe it.
It is going to happen…

O lord Apollo,
Why do I wear this?
This dress? This wreath? It mocks me.
Before I die I’ll spoil you,
Yes, curse, destroy you
As you’ve destroyed me.
Make some other woman
As miserable as I was.
Look how Apollo
Is stripping me himself.

Look, look…Apollo…
He watched me in this dress
And saw how I was laughed at
By friends and enemies
And how they hated me
And he enjoyed it all.
They said that I was mad
Or a witch or a fortune-teller:
That’s what I’ve endured,
And now my Apollo
Has finished with his priestess
And brought me here to die.
Yes, my lord and I must die
But the god will avenge us.
One will come to kill
His mother to atone
For his murdered father.
No tears then, no, none.
Don’t pity me, don’t pity.
My turn has come.
The doors of this house
Are the doors of death for me.

It reeks of blood inside.
It smells, it reeks like a grave.
I am going in.

Strangers, I am not
Some little bird that’s scared
By some branch the wind blows.
I mourn for myself
And for my Agamemnon.
I will say one more thing:
No dirge about myself
But in the sun’s last light
I pray that it may shine
On those that are to come
Who will avenge my death,
A common slave, a woman,
So easy to destroy.
Poor men and women…
Human Happiness…
A shadow can destroy us.

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