Alfred Hitchcock’s Estate Announces New Anthology TV Series

Universal Cable Productions has inked a deal with Alfred Hitchcock’s Estate to create and produce an anthology series based on the filmmaker’s movies.

Suspense is considered a main driving force for some movies, whether it’s for frightful tenacities, or to keep to audience on the edge of their seat. Many would argue, that Alfred Hitchcock was the master of this craft, as he manipulated frames and distorted reality to leave audiences in a constant state of indecisiveness. From the most popular Psycho, to the ever terrifying Birds, Hitchcock knew how to captivate and intrigue viewers. Universal Cable Pictures’ Executive VP of Development, Dawn Olmstead said,“Long after his death, Alfred Hitchcock continues to be one of the most celebrated directors and visionaries in the world, a master manipulator of the macabre. We’re honored that the Hitchcock Estate has put its trust in our studio to pay homage to his work.”

Television is captivating audiences around the world, from old to new, and old becoming new. Either way, television plays a major role in the daily routine of many, making it the perfect medium for a new Alfred Hitchcock inspired show. Announced this week, Universal Cable Pictures has acquired the rights from the Hitchcock Estate to produce an innovative and imaginative show based on the late director’s films. While the main focal point hasn’t been revealed yet, the show, entitled Welcome to Hitchcock, will feature a prominent mystery based on one (or more) of Hitchcock’s infamous movies.

What we do know is that each season of Welcome to Hitchcock will revolve around a different plot, serving the same attraction that American Horror Story and Fargo have on audiences. And it is also apparent that this will be a chance for premier filmmakers to make their mark on Hitchcock’s classics, all while paying homage to his image and degree. Katie O’Connell-Fiala, who help founded the Hitchcock Trust, expressed her deep sincerity that the studio will do right by Alfred Hitchcock. “Our grandfather always collaborated with the best and the brightest to help shape his vision. We’re confident that Universal Cable Productions will take great care in helping us to continue preserving his legacy.” And his work is in good hands, as NBCUniversal studios, a partner company to UCP, has already adapted a Hitchcock work. In 2013, A&E aired the Psycho inspired television show Bates Motel, which since has gained fast momentum in popularity.

While every key aspect of the project are ambiguous, it was announced that newly formed Vermilion Entertainment will collaborate with Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures/Ocean Blue Entertainment, serving their first mark on scripted television. Columbus is set to direct the pilot, with Timmy Thompson, Michael Barnathan, Todd Thompson and the Hitchcock family as executive producers, and Casey Tebo as co-producer.

No release date has been set for Welcome to Hitchcock, but I think it is safe to say we will be hearing more about it in the upcoming months, as Halloween closes in, and the year being to dwindle down.

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Thomas DeVito

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