Amazon’s ComiXology Set to Release Original Comic Content

Amazon owned ComiXology has announced plans to release original comic content, and open its publishing platform to outside creators.

ComiXology, which was founded in 2007, is the Netflix of the comic book universe. Acquired by Amazon in 2014, the website recently started offering premium subscriptions services, allowing users access to a collection of over 100,000 different works, ranging from simple comics, to manga and graphic novels. This online publication, which is based in New York, specializes in quality production in association with big name series like The Walking Dead, as well as countless other digital periodicals.

Until now, ComiXology had not created its own original content, but relied on previous published works, from affiliated creators. Co-founder of the online comic service and CEO, David Steinberger stated, “It’s fantastic to be working with publishers across the spectrum to deliver great comics to ComiXology and Kindle, offering fans stories that they can’t get anywhere else.” In association with independent authors and illustrators, Steinberger hopes to create an expansive and diverse catalogue of varied titles.

Recognized for their innovative and pioneering platform, ComiXology creates an online sphere that allows users an immersive experience. With revolutionizing technology called Guided View, reader’s envelope themselves in interactive worlds with one of a kind capabilities. This distinct technology allows an easy flow of legibility, as frames of comics appear in conjunction with various parts of the story, which some may have trouble with in a normal comic book setting. This makes a more coherent and universally participated effort to genuinely invite new readers to the platform.

Announced this week, ComiXology will begin releasing original productions in the early 2017, with three titles from well known entertainment content and authors. Adventure Time, which recently declared its end in 2018, is set to debut an expansive comic Adventure Time: Marshall Lee Spectacular. Daniel Kibblesmith, a writer for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and illustrator Derek Charm, known for Jughead and Powerpuff Girls, are in collaboration to release Valiant High. And a Charles Dickens adaptation of A Christmas Carol titled Marley’s Ghost, which is penned MAD Magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman, is expected amongst the three.

All three publications are currently available for preorder, and are anticipated to arrive as part of ComiXology Unlimited’s monthly subscription service, which recently launched in May of this year. This distinct content comes from Steinberger’s vision for the future of comics, and graphic novels.

ComiXology Unlimited offers a subscription of $5.99 a month that grants users entrance to thousands of different titles, which they are able to download offline. Although this service doesn’t allow access to every digital publication, it’s a favorite amongst comic book lovers, and newbies alike.

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Thomas DeVito

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