Amazon’s ‘The Neon Demon’ Depicts The Life of An Aspiring Teenage Model

Amazon has recently released a film that depicts what it can be like for a young girl growing up both with and without everyone watching.

The Neon Demon, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, shows sixteen year old Jesse moving to Los Angeles with hopes of being a success. It’s not long before Jesse starts to date a man named Dean who takes her portfolio pictures and is an aspiring photographer as well. She also becomes friends with a makeup artist named Ruby, and at a party becomes what she thinks to be “friends” with two models Gigi and Sarah who are both very jealous of her, but of course Jesse cannot see that. A modeling agency picks Jesse up and she is considered to be top notch because there is a “thing” about her that makes her different and unique in the modeling world. She is sent to a professional photographer and at once is thrown into the successful world of modeling. But not without a few envious enemies who try to steal her spotlight or at least steal her “thing.”

This movie is a sad film because of the world that the sixteen year old has been thrown into. She makes enemies and has to do things to stay on top. Famous taglines of this film are “beauty is vicious,” and “beauty isn’t the only thing. It’s everything,” which is a direct representation of the characters in the film and their attitudes towards not only their career, but every other aspect of their life.

There are some famous names in this film, playing Jesse is Elle Fanning, but other famous names include Karl Glusman, Taylor Hill, Christina Hendricks, and Keanu Reeves.

The trailer is eerie, and it makes you feel like you get an inside look at what the modeling world is like, or at least the beginning stages of it. One of the agents says in the beginning, “I see millions of girls every day from small towns with big dreams…some girls crack under the pressure” which is what we hear all the time from those who have experienced it. You also see Jesse (played by Elle,) being looked at, and placed, and photographed, but at the same time she gets the approval she’s looking for when the agent says “you’re going to be great” and Jesse’s smile grows from ear to ear. Because if we’re being honest that is all a young girl is looking for, approval, a chance, especially when their dreams are involved.

That is why The Neon Demon is getting a lot of buzz. It depicts the real life feelings of anyone at a young age who just wants to feel beautiful, and who wants to stand out. However, it also represents anyone with a dream, at the top you will have people who envy you and who want to steal your thunder, but if you’re strong enough and you are true to yourself, you can thrive and be great.

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Taylor Ahern

Hi my name is Taylor Ahern. I am a student at Wagner College studying English. I love to write about pop culture and what I think the younger generation is very interested in. I love tv and it is my dream to eventually write a show or even a movie one day. I hope my articles keep you interested (: