American Crime: A Different Type of Show

American Crime is a television series, created in 2015 by John Ridley and premiered on ABC. When people first heard of it, they were intrigued not only because of the drama that it promised, but also because of the cast of stars that were lined up for the debut. For example, Felicity Hoffman, and Timothy Hutton.

The first season’s plot was based off of a veteran is murdered and his wife is beaten and they try to figure out who committed this crime. It follows those surrounding the crime, the victims loved ones, and the four suspect of the crime. Rotten Tomatoes wrote a review describing the show: “Matt’s parents, Barb (Felicity Huffman) and her estranged ex-husband Russ (Timothy Hutton), struggle to cope with their son’s death while relentlessly seeking to bring his killer to justice. They also clash with Gwen’s parents, Tom (W Earl Brown) and Eve (Penelope Ann Miller), as they endure the legal investigation and discover dark secrets about their children along the way.” The first season deals mostly as a whole with race issues, each one suspect being a different race.

Fans were totally shocked with both the ending of season one, and when they found out that season two would be based off of a totally different topic, and it would not follow up with the same storyline. Kind of like American Horror Story, where each new season is like a brand new show.

A show like that is called an anthology series, where the definition is literally “a radio or television series that presents a different story and a different set of characters in each episode or season.” (Definition found on Wikipedia.)

The second season is completely different, it deals more with high school kids. When pictures of Taylor Blaine (the character in which the second season is centered around,) surface online, things get out of hand. Especially when he accuses the two most popular jocks in the school of drugging him, assaulting him, and then posting the horrible pictures. This season was sensitive in ways that the first one wasn’t, for example the way that the first one dealt with rape, the second one dealt with bullying.

The complete change of topic from season to season was such a big hit, that they now decided to go for it with a season three.

There is not much information coming forward about the third season yet, no one really knows the plot or what issues exactly this will focus on, but what they can promise is a release date which is sometime in 2017.

Lili Taylor, who was a knockout and critically acclaimed in both seasons one and two, is coming back for season three and both fans, and television show critics are thrilled.

So, we can expect that this season will be just as dramatic and exciting, especially with at least one character promised. With both the first season, and the second season being as dramatic, and yet controversial as it was, we can almost bet that season three will be just as great.

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Taylor Ahern

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