‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ Netflix Series

Everyone’s favorite zany scientist Bill Nye is getting his own talk show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” and will address anti-scientific claims on the new Netflix series.

Millennials are always quick to recognize Nye as their beloved wacky scientist. His show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy” (1993-98) would often occupy their science class’ television set when the teacher would try to make a general scientific concept more accessible to the kids. It is rare to mention Nye and for it to not elicit a crowd cheer of “Bill! Bill! Bill!”

With the new series, fans can expect the same “unfiltered style” that made his original series so infamous and ingrained in pop culture to this day. Netflix can expect Nye’s youthful and aging fan base to follow him to the streaming screens.

The new show will be more than explosive experiments, unnecessary repetitive editing, and comical sound effects that “Science Guy” thrived off of. The old series ended each episode with an original song parodying popular 90s tunes, with topics ranging from atoms to volcanos to air pressure. “Saves the World” will get to heart of the issues at hand too.

According to SiliconValley, the show will address controversial issues such as vaccines, climate change, and genetically modified foods, and the anti-scientific claims that surround them.

Nye said of the series: “We’ll do our best to enlighten and entertain our audience…And perhaps we’ll change the world a little.”

Fans can get ready to sing along to perhaps a new addictive theme song – but if not, chanting, “Bill! Bill! Bill!” would still be deemed acceptable for the new series surrounding the same ol’ Science Guy.

Catch “Bill Nye Saves the World” premiering in the Spring of 2017 on Netflix!

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Sarah Johnson

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