Buck the System

In this monologue, KIMMY tells his cousin that he doesn’t want to get involved in his criminal minded schemes.

KIMMY:  I can’t do it…I don’t know how to do it and in fact, I don’t ever want to do it. There, it’s said, now leave me alone. STOP! Understand what I’m saying because if you ask me one more time I’m really going to start getting wild here. Alright? No, is no…I was soft on the idea at first because you’re my cousin and I want to be there for you but I never thought it a good idea. I figured it would pass and be forgotten about. But you keep bringing it up to me and I decided it’s best I tell you straight out. NO. DEFINITELY NOT. DON’T INVOLVE ME and DON’T ASK ME AGAIN. (beat) I’m sorry but I’m not going down that road and if you weren’t my cousin I would have already given you a crack by now, just for asking me about it. That’s it. Let’s talk about something else now. (beat) You want to go eat?  You hungry?

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is a filmmaker and founder of Monologue Blogger.

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