CBS Offers Ad-Free Streaming Option

CBS has announced that it will now offer a “Commercial Free” account on their CBS All Access streaming service.

In order to compete with streaming rivals such as Netflix and Hulu, CBS is no longer just offering their $5.99 a month CBS All Access package with “limited commercials.” For nearly five dollars more at $9.99 a month, viewers can enjoy ad-free streaming of most CBS shows.

However, the fine print below the ad-free offer warns the member that “live TV includes commercials and select shows have promotional interruptions.” So ad-free is relative to what someone considers an ad, but promotional footage for CBS are often times seen as less of a battle than say, a 90 second advertisement before an episode for ad-free members. Still, at $9.99 monthly, CBS is offering a cheaper deal than Hulu’s $11.99 commercial-free option (though neither is as cheap as the always-ad-free Netflix, with its basic account starting at $7.99).

Though many shows are available for binge-watching, popular shows such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “Criminal Minds” only offer seven episodes with the All Access subscription and five free ones for a nonmember to view. So the viewers’ options have only a two-episode difference, but neither consumer gets a full season or the seasons that came before.

Both the limited commercial and ad-free options offer over 8,500 episodes on demand to watch across all devices. The service also boasts in “next day” episodes on their CBS app – meaning members will not have to wait for a week to go by in order to catch up on their favorite series. The plans also include live CBS TV coverage, albeit with commercials – but this selection can also be seen on any electronic device that the member decides upon.

According to Tech Crunch, CBS announced back in 2015 that the network will be releasing the much-anticipated “Star Trek Discovery” series revival on the All Access service. Instead of the new series premiering on the CBS television network, only All Access members will be able to enjoy the space odyssey’s newest adaptation. CBS is drawing in more members with their new ad-free option, and they are also most likely drawing on the “Trekkie” fan base and what they will do to catch a glimpse of any new Star Trek material.

With either limited commercials or ad-free, “Star Trek Discovery” will be available for CBS All Access members in January 2017.

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