Comcast’s Video Streaming App ‘Watchable’ Launches Nine New Orignal Series

Comcast has ordered a collection of original digital series to premiere on its cross-platform video service platform Watchable.

Launched last year, Watchable is a Comcast-owned app catering to primarily younger audiences that streams the web’s best content and video channels. The platform draws its videos from popular websites such as VICE and Vox in efforts to appease the steadily growing population of cord-cutting millenials.

In its first few months after the app’s release, Watchable was failing to gain traction; most shows or clips streamed through the site were able to be found on the web elsewhere. By ordering nine original comedy shows to be streamed exclusively on Watchable, Comcast is hoping to boost its platform’s popularity.

“Watchable Exclusives” pulls content from Comcast’s biggest partners, including Refinery29,, and Mitú. It’s also partnering up with well-known companies like Buzzfeed, CollegeHumor, POPSUGAR, and Studio 71–these shows are set to come out in 2017. Vine-famous star Logan Paul is also arranged to have his own program be broadcast on Watchable.

Three series out of the nine were released on Tuesday and are already streaming. One show is Refinery29’s Ballin’ on a Budget, a program where Nora Lum takes her audience around NYC streets and illustrates how to make the most out of an expensive lifestyle with a minimal budget; another show is Mitú’s Cholo’s Try, which follows four Latinos from L.A. who explore different cultures across the nation; the third show is called How to Human by, which revolves around the comedic and chaotic life of a young woman learning from her abundance of mistakes as she tries to make it in the adult world.

Watchable’s videos, which are 10 minutes or less per episode, is free to anyone in the United States. For those who have access to Comcast Xfinity X1 (which is roughly 40% of the 22 million people who have cable TV), Watchable is already built right into their cable systems.

The six other new series that are set to release some time next year include BuzzFeed Motion Pictures original called Am I Doing This Right, hosted by comedian Kelsey Darragh, the show Logan Paul Vs, which is produced by Studio 71 and features Vine star Logan Paul, PopSugar’s Knock Knock, an improv street-sketch show called I Want my Phone Back hosted by the popular YouTube channel CollegeHumor, 100 Years of Beauty and Would You Rather, two shows both hosted by that revolve around make-up tutorials and the classic would you rather game, respectively.

The nine series are accessible online on Comcast’s website or through the Watchable app for Android and iOS. Despite not generating any form of monetary return, Parks said he is looking forward to seeing where the “Watchable Exclusives” project goes.

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Chloe Rehfield

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