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MB’s contemporary monologues: comedic & dramatic for actors, teachers, agents and filmmakers are free.  Contemporary Monologues from Plays and Stand Alone is another scannable monologue post with more descriptions and titles from our monologue content, making it easier for you to find monologue subjects that appeal to your interest and needs.

Our monologue service operates a growing catalogue of thousands of free original monologues you will only find on Monologue Blogger.  Here is a quick 40 contemporary monologues to get you started in the right direction.


  1. All Of A Sudden – VICKY talks to her boyfriend about how he doesn’t listen when she needs him to really listen.
  2. The Signing – In this monologue, Eliza talks to her best friend about whether or not she should sign a prenuptial agreement.
  3. Protective Shield – In this monologue, Rita talks to her friend about how she has a difficult time opening up to people she cares about.
  4. Contents Flammable – In this monologue, Nora talks about the tragic events that unfolded with her daughter. She speaks to a group of people in a therapy session.
  5. Beautiful Day – In this monologue, Linda talks to a stranger in a park about her physical appearance.
  6. For My Father – Adrianne talks about the love she has for her father and how he is a motivator for some of her goals in life.
  7. White Tail Spider – A female serial killer doing what she does best….preparing herself for the final phase with her latest victim.
  8. Dark Side of My Moon – In this monologue, KIMALE talks to a friend about how he/she struggles with two sides to their personality.
  9. Can I Be A Mother? – In this monologue, REBECCA talks to her friend about the possibility of becoming a mother for the first time.
  10. Going Vegan – TIFFANY justifies her reason for choosing a vegan diet.


  1. Wing Girl – JANICE talks to her girlfriend about her desperate need for sex.
  2. Little Critters – Sarah is doing her “data entry” work at her job. She sits in her tiny cubicle when she notices a bug moving on top of her keypad. To say that she is scared of bugs is a huge understatement. She is petrified of bugs.
  3. Color & Style – ZIGGY complains to her girlfriends about how horrible her hair looks because of the salon she went to.
  4. Stretch – A yoga instructor is pretty much stunned by her own bodily function.
  5. Actress Photoshoot – CATRINA is an overzealous photographer, to say the least, who is photographing a rising star actress.  As she snaps her camera, she gives the actress direction.
  6. Rather Be A Man – KIM is so fed up with men approaching her with their one liners. In this comedy monologue, she talks to one of her good friends about the annoying men she randomly tolerates.
  7. Fungus Among Us – ALEXA has had it with her roommate for never cleaning up after her leftovers in the refrigerator.
  8. Snot Rags – Elaine tells her cousin Jessica to stop being such a slob.
  9. Big Picture – Ellen breaks up with her boyfriend of two years who has no care for the normal things people usually care about in life.  Ellen tells her boyfriend off in front of his best friend who happens to be caught in the crossfire.
  10. Flycatcher – Anna talks to her girlfriend about a humorous story regarding her and a fly.


  1. Afraid of Hemingway – A seasoned writer struggles with his writing and confides in a very old friend.
  2. Working Man – HARRISON stands on top of a car and gives the following speech to members of his town.
  3. Salt in the Wound – SAMMY is in too deep.  He’s hired a hit man to kill the pregnant woman he’s been having an affair with.
  4. Spinning In Space – A monologue about the desire to know more about what we all know about.
  5. Bouncing Back – JERRY talks to his brother about having the courage to pursue his dreams.
  6. Over The Hill – JACKSON tells his men that they have one chance left to make it out alive from the enemy.
  7. Rest Assured – SAM, a homeless man, walks the city streets mumbling out-loud to himself.
  8. Give – CNUTE is closing a speech given to a small audience of business people.
  9. That – MASON tries to explain the compulsion he has for extreme sports.
  10. Any Given Day – one man confronts another man about his true identity.


  1. Crash Cab – AHMED is a crazy cab driver who challenges people’s lives with personal questions.
  2. Piss Power – A a middle-aged Indian man sweeps the floor to an outdoor New York City parking lot.
  3. Celebrity Thin Club – Producer is your stereotypical hollywood producer.
  4. 3 Secret Ingredients – one man’s view of what makes women happy.
  5. YO – KIRBY is having a really bad day and it gets worse when one of his workers calls him “yo” instead of by his real name.
  6. Average Asshole – An OWNER of a manufacturing company fires an employee, but first tells him what an asshole he is.
  7. Medium – This is a comedy monologue about a man who imagines himself being 6’5 when in reality he’s about 5’8.
  8. Public High – about a guy who goes outside his apartment for the first time, while stoned out of his mind.  He is accompanied by his weed expert girlfriend.
  9. Sack and Crack – BRUCE calls his friend with an emergency regarding his most precious jewels.
  10. White Light – HAROLD, an elderly man, tries to read his newspaper when he gets interrupted by his Granddaughter’s music.

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