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In this teen girl monologue, JASMINE talks to her friend about how she’s drinking way too much.

Jasmine:  Listen Jackie, I don’t think it’s a good idea we hang out anymore and it’s because you drink too much.  I mean, way too much.  It’s one thing when we all go to a house party and chill or whatever but for the longest time now, every time we go out, wherever we go, you always want to drink and you always want to stop at the corner store.  It’s becoming a problem or it is already a problem.  I’m all for fun and good times but you need to slow your roll, partying way too hard and it’s actually changing your personality.  I don’t think you even realize but you get so snappy and wild that it’s too much for anybody to want to be around.  Not everything is about drinking and blacking out.  There’s so many other things we can be doing to have a good time.  You need to stop or find some new friends.  Seriously.  I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is.

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founding editor-in-chief of Monologue Blogger. In addition to running MB, Joseph is a filmmaker/producer who has had his films premiere at Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and Tribeca Cinema's Big Apple Film Festival.

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