Dark Chocolate

In this monologue Zena talks excitedly to her friend about her happiness with eating as much chocolate as she can, wherever she can.


You think I’m kidding? It’s all about the iron, baby.  See, those days when you can’t get your fat ass off the couch, come on, don’t kid me, I know you’ve had those days. Well, I’ve said goodbye to them, thrown them out the damn window! And you know what’s it all about?  You wouldn’t believe it.  Drum roll please….Chocolate! Daaark chocolate, it’s kept me in check. I’ve thrown those diet resolutions out the window and instead I’m trying every kind of dark chocolate in town. That’s it, CVS, Duane Reade, wherever they got them, as long as it’s dark, I’m good to go.

It’s my routine now, every day when I get home and I’m craving cake with whipped cream and gelato, I get my herbal tea on instead and grab my piece of chocolate out the fridge, wait for my tea to brew and when all hits the lips, I’m in heaven!

(her friend responds)

WHAT? I’m talking about real CHOCOLATE GIRL. WHAT KIND OF FANTASIES ARE YOU HAVING? Real chocolate, not MAN chocolate.  The type that you get from the store.  No, no, no you were thinking about man chocolate!

Anyway, I’m serious. Since I’ve been having my little piece of chocolate action, I’ve felt like the baddest bitch in town. Stronger than ever, like I said, it’s all about the iron, baby.

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Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is a Staff Writer/Creative Producer for Monologue Blogger. She is also a working Actress/Producer. Projects have included work in films that have premiered in Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and screened at Tribeca Cinemas.

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