Deadpool Brings His Swords, Guns, and Hilarious Insults on Amazon

Marvel’s “Deadpool” makes fans love and hate this anti-hero, as the comic book character fights and insults his way to get his love back, after an experiment to make him “super” goes horribly wrong.

Ryan Reynolds portrays Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, a mercenary that takes jobs in New York City to get rid of bad guys by requests from clients. He meets an escort named Vanessa at a local bar, and their one-night stand turns into a long-term relationship. Wade enjoys his relationship with Vanessa for a year, but soon hits rock bottom when he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer. This leads to Wade leaving Vanessa, and falling into a scam that gives him immortality, but a disfigured body. As he lives with an old, blind woman while he plans to find Ajax, real name Francis, in order to get the “nonexistent” cure for his disfigurement.

Although this film seems dark with gory violence and evil plots, Wade consistently throws wisecracks and hilarious insults that will grab the viewers in the gut as they laugh. One of his most hilarious wisecracks is when he discovers that Ajax’s real name is Francis, and his nickname comes from a cleaning product. From the discovery until the end of the movie, Wade has insulted Ajax with his real name and the joke never gets old.

The film is not like any of the hero films, where the male protagonist protects the citizens of the city, fights the evil villain that plans to take over the world, and rescues his love interest. However, what this character does is seek revenge on the villain that gave him a power of immortality, but disfigured his body as a result of activating the injection. Deadpool doesn’t rescue anyone, except his girlfriend in the end, but fights and kills the super slaves under Ajax. Deadpool has never seen himself as a hero because he lacks the quality of a hero: the ideal, moral, and courageous person that people look up to. Instead, he aggressively takes action to get what he needs, and doesn’t feel guilty after killing his enemy.

In addition to his antihero qualities, Deadpool constantly disagrees to be a hero, even when Colossus tries to persuade him to join the X-Men. Colossus feels that Deadpool should be using his powers and fighting skills for good, but Deadpool wants to use them his own way without following the rules. No matter how hard Colossus tries to be the angel on Deadpool’s shoulder, giving him a conscience that never existed in Deadpool, he would always disagree that his abilities were never meant to do good. The comical moment in the argument is Deadpool’s disagreement being a hero using his usual wisecracks and sarcastic remarks.

As viewers watch the film, they will always find moments that are more hilarious than others, and it is one of the most popular movies on Amazon, providing viewers the dark and twisted antihero to bring the sense of humor on their screen.

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Kathryn Oliver

Kathryn Oliver studied English and Linguistics at Florida Atlantic University. With her diverse background, she hopes to inspire people to look at life at a different light with her stories and her characters. She enjoys collecting books, music, movies, and even office supplies. She is currently studying Korean as a hobby, and she hopes to add it as her third language.