Doug Liman Set To Direct Upcoming Dark Universe

Doug Liman will be directing the film adaptation of Dark Universe, also known as Justice League Dark, produced by Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment.

After having exited the production of Gambit, the Edge of Tomorrow director will be at the helm of the upcoming film. Guillermo del Toro was originally speculated to be directing the Dark Universe adaptation, but production was initially halted as he became sidetracked by other projects. Sources say that Liman has been attached to the film since last year.

Dark Universe will revolve around the darker characters within the Justice League, and is reported to play a major role in the DC cinematic universe. After the lackluster critical reception of Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, this new film will hopefully bring the DC film world back to the top.

The new film will be ensemble-based, featuring characters such as John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigon the Demon, among others. Casting has not been announced at this time, and plot details have been kept under wraps.

Hollywood Reporter has provided a history of the Justice League Dark franchise to coincide with the announcement.

In addition to Liman, the production team also includes Scott Rudin as producer. Rudin has been behind such films as The Grand Budapest Hotel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and won an Academy Award for Best Picture with the film No Country for Old Men. The screenplay for Dark Universe will be penned by Michael Gilio, in his first major writing project since 2001’s Kwik Stop.

The adaptation has been in the works since 2013, when del Toro announced his involvement at WonderCon. The film bible had been completed at that time, with John Constantine as the main protagonist. In April 2015, del Toro reported that a script revision had been handed to him, but stated he would only be directing if there was availability in his schedule. In June of that year, the film was confirmed by Warner Brothers, who reported that del Toro had exited the project. It is unclear if the script will undergo a complete revision in Gilio’s new treatment.

In addition to the upcoming live action film, the series will also be turned into an animated DC original feature, set for release this year. There is currently no word regarding when production of Dark Universe will begin.

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