DR. STOCKMANN Monologue by Henrik Ibsen

MRS. STOCKMANN:  But dear, I think you’ve seen how much good preaching does.

DR. STOCKMANN:  You really are preposterous, Katherine.  Should I let myself be whipped from the field by public opinion and the solid majority and other such barbarities?  No, thank you!  Besides, what I want is so simple and clear and basic.  I just want to hammer into the heads of these mongrels that the so-called liberals are the most insidious enemies of free men–that party programs have a way of smothering every new germinal truth–that acting out of expediency turns morality and justice into a hollow mockery, until it finally becomes monstrous to go on living.  Captain Horster, don’t you think I could get people to recognize that?

HORSTER: Most likely, I don’t understand much about such things.

DR.STOCKMANN: Don’t you see–let me explain!  The party leaders have to be eradicated–because a party leader’s just like a wolf, an insatiable wolf that needs so and so many smaller animals to feed off per annum, if he’s going to survive.  Look at Hovstad and Aslaksen!  How many lesser creatures haven’t they swallowed up–or they maul and mutilate them till they can’t be more than home owners and subscribers to the Courier!  (Sitting on the edge of the desk.)  Ah, come here, Katherine–look at that sunlight, how glorious, the way it streams in today.  And how wonderful and fresh the spring air is.

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