ECCLESIAZUSAE by Aristophanes

Play Synopsis

Act 1. Scene 1.

PRAXAGORA: I am a citizen as deeply involved
As any of you in this our country’s fate,
And I am sadly stricken to behold
The darkness hurrying over our state.
For I behold the city lifting up
Base men to walk upon its broken face;
And if one day a man advocates wisdom,
The next ten times he leads you into disgrace.
And then you try another, only to find
One ten times worse. Ah, very hard it is
To counsel men so rash…your wits desert you,
Always suspecting those that most do love you,
Always smiling on those that smile to hurt you.
Once a time we did not flock to assemblies–
For Agyrrhios then we did not care a rap–
But now we bustle along, because the man
Whose palm takes money uses it to clap,
And he who gets no dole we hear fiercely railing
That those who got it deserve instant jailing.

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