Elisabeth Murdoch Launches Brother on Snapchat Discover

Elisabeth Murdoch has launched a men’s lifestyle brand channel on Snapchat Discover which is focused on appealing to millennial men.

If you jump on your Snapchat’s Discover section this instant, you will see an image of George Washington that animates when you click on it to read the article the image headlines.  This is the beginning of new publishing brand, Brother.

This comes as a debut by company Vertical Networks, which was incorporated last September in the U.K. and will focus on short-form content for mobile devices.

“We are delighted to bring Brother to life and energised by the potential of the Snapchat platform to engage audiences,” said Vertical Networks’ chief executive, Murdoch in a statement made to The Wrap.

Brother, was in the works reportedly back in April by Business Insider as a new UK-based media company led by Elisabeth Murdoch.

Snapchat is apparently in talks with other publishers to generate more short-form video content for a possible new feature called Snapchat Shows, according to Recode.

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Chris Jacobs

Chris Jacobs is a Contributing Writer for Monologue Blogger. He is currently working on a graphic novel, expected to be released come 2017. In addition to being a writer, Chris is also known to create music for independent films.