Elizabeth Banks Creates a Female Driven Comedy Platform, WhoHaha

Elizabeth Banks’ new website, WhoHaha.com, gives platform to funny, energetic, and aspiring women.

In an age of booming equality and fore-fronted feminism, it’s about time we dive into female-centric comedy sites. It seems that online media focused at women generally takes the form of relationship advice, or “The Top 10 DIY Make-up Solutions,” while men dominate sites like Funny or Die and CollegeHumor. In April 2016, Elizabeth Banks, known for her work in The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect franchises, co-founded a website dedicated to comical and engaging women, called WhoHaha.com. The name of the site itself is a clever play on words: Whoha, which is a cheeky way to refer to THAT organ of the female anatomy, and Haha, which is pretty self-explanatoryCombined, these phrases create the perfect name for an all women entertainment site.

In the ‘About’ section of the website, it states that “Here at WhoHaha our motto is: if men can do it, they probably learned it from a woman. WhoHaha will elevate and spotlight funny women from around the globe who are creating unique and entertaining content, from Amy Schumer and Mindy Kaling to your 15-year-old neighbor who just started her own YouTube channel.” Banks expressed that this is a way to combat the male dominating field of comedy, with over 90% of roles going to men, while a mere 10% go to women. Over the past several years, we have seen an increase in female focused comedies, such as Bridesmaids, which is a widely successful and critically acclaimed film (even nominated for two Academy Awards). And just this year, we also saw an all female reboot of the culturally loved Ghostbusters, which received positive reviews from critics, but some extremely unnecessary trolling and hate from men. But perhaps that is the exact reason why we need sites like WhoHaha.com, to have a place to showcase the comedic offerings of female actors and content creators alike.

While WhoHaha focuses on a collective display of articles and videos featuring famous actors, they also produce their own original content. “WhoHaha is a space for female creators to distribute their content to a wider audience and a place for users to spend hours laughing until they pee. Elizabeth Banks is scouring the internet for the funniest women the web has to offer and delivering them to you on all platforms.” Banks stars in several original video series on the site, such as Ask A Badass, which invites women (YouTube stars like Mamrie Hart, and Actors like Jennifer Lawrence) to answer ‘Badass’ questions, and Ask A Girl, which Banks, herself answers questions submitted by men. She told Ad Age “We are creating and consuming content in new ways all the time. That’s what I do for a living, so of course I’m interested in it. I’d rather be a pioneer and an innovator in the space than continue to be that person who didn’t have the Internet.”

You can find these hilarious videos, and more at WhoHaha.com, which also spans across all social media sites.

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Thomas DeVito

Thomas, who studied English at SUNY Oswego, is an aspiring screenwriter and a Contributing Writer Intern for the Monologue Blogger. When not typing away at his computer, he can be found watching the latest films, or reading the newest bestseller. Unfortunately, he is unrelated to Danny DeVito.