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Monologue Blogger’s Play Catalogue


Protective Shield – look inside

RITA and PARLA are two best friends.  This monologue play takes place in the midst of southern golden fields and a twelve pack of beer mixed in.  Both teenagers come from dysfunctional homes and together they construct a plan to get out of town for an adventure.


Smily Pretty Alice

Smile Pretty, Alice – look inside

ALICE and ANITA are neighbors.  ANITA has been spying on ALICE (married woman with kids) ever since she noticed a ‘man’ visiting her every Tuesday for what she believes is a sexual romp.  The two confront each other in a supermarket parking lot.




Shadows of My Mind

Shadows of My Mind – look inside

NAOMI surprise visits her AUNT ELDA for some life advice.  Aunt Elda responds with open arms and a secret story about love and making right choices based on one’s instinct.




Beautiful Day


Beautiful Day – look inside

This is a monologue play that features two main characters, LINDA and JACK.  Both are strangers who meet at a park bench and alter one another’s life for the better.



Burden of Being Taken

Burden of Being Taken – look inside

A One-Act Play that features 3 people playing 2 characters each.  The play takes place during modern day America and examines the impact of war has on immediate family members.

Characters include: Aunt Edna/Mom, Uncle Bruce/Dad, Baker/Son



Toast of Broadway


Toast of Broadway – look inside

A One-Act Play between two lovers.  TULA, who is a young aspiring actress and CHARLIE, a writer who has a gambling and drinking problem.  The two come to a crossroads when Tula misses out on an audition and Charlie comes home after a night of drunken gambling.


Jasper The Whale


Jasper The Whale – look inside

In this monologue play, CHARLIE talks an outdoor sculpture of a whale while slowly dying from a stab wound.  The action takes place at the beach during the early morning rise of the sun.



10 Female Comedy Monologues


Top 10 Have A Laugh Female Monologues

10 of the funniest female comedic monologues on Monologue Blogger.  Comes with Monologue Quick Notes at the end of the compilation for each monologue.