Glitter Beard Magic

Monologue Description:  In this monologue, MICHELLE talks to her best friend about her love at first sight encounter with a glitter bearded man. 

MICHELLE:  Tara, I came across one of them the other day…you know who I’m talking about…the GLITTER BEARDS.  It was like something I never experienced before and I don’t want you to laugh at me or think I’m joking or going through some weird phase but I know this was for real.  Tara, this was love at first sight.  Now, I don’t know what it was, I don’t know if it was the beard, the glitter, the light reflecting off it all,  I don’t know what it was Tara but when our eyes met for the first time, I was taken.  But just then, something terrible happened. There was a bar fight and everyone scattered around and…HE_WAS_GONE.  I lost him.  At first, it took a minute for my eyes to settle amongst the commotion and glitter that was sprayed and floating around the place but HE_WAS_GONE.  I scanned the bar, I ran to the back, to the front, OUTSIDE, EVERYWHERE.  My glitter bearded man vanished.  I spent that night walking in and out of bars on my own, hoping I’d pass him by but it just never happened.

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founding editor-in-chief of Monologue Blogger. In addition to running MB, Joseph is a filmmaker/producer who has had his films premiere at Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and Tribeca Cinema's Big Apple Film Festival.

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