Google’s New ‘Art and Culture’ App Invites Users to Immerse Themselves like Never Before

Google has crafted an immersive way for users to view and learn about various aspects of art and culture through their new Android and IOS app.

Released earlier this year, Google has developed an ‘Art and Culture’ app to allow users from all around the world to view and gain knowledge about different qualities of society. Teaming up with museums from 70 countries, downloaders of the application can chose the various ways in which they can examine art that may have been previously unreachable. On their blog, Google explains, “Our new tools will help you discover works and artifacts, allowing you to immerse yourself in cultural experiences across art, history and wonders of the world.” Users are encouraged to “explore anything from cats in art since 200 BCE to the color red in Abstract Expressionism, and everything in between.” Due to their easily classified topics, searching keywords helps users categorize and view art based on the time period in which it was created, by color, or simply by artist.

Split into three sections – Art, History, and Wonders, the Google Arts and Culture app simplifies the experience. This user friendly approach is a big step for any of us who have actually stepped foot inside a giant museum. Due to museums maze-like structures and rooms, and at times confusing signage, it can be hard to navigate in person. Now, with this newly developed app, you can avoid those convoluted directions and simply type what you are looking for into the search menu. But this app isn’t just for viewing art on your phone, users will be able to look up museum’s hours of operation, and other information gathered from specific locations. In addition, when you do go to museums, such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, you will be able to use their revolutionary feature called “The Art Recognizer.” With its assistance, you just hold your phone’s camera up to the displayed painting, and all the information about that piece will be generated. While it is only available in a few locations, Google plans to roll this feature out to museums around the world.

Google has also incorporated the use of virtual realty to fully immerse users in the world of art and culture. With the support of a viewer like Google Cardboard, those with the app will be able to look around the ancient Greek temple of Zeus, and have the ability to appreciate Rome’s street art, with a tour around different locations. In addition to these VR capabilities, users will also experience 360 degree videos of immersive performing arts, and under the “Wonders” tab, go on a virtual tour of monumental landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. The history section will include a “Today in History” lesson, and the ability to learn about past substantial events.

This fully intuitive and mesmerizing Google Art and Culture application is a huge step forward in exposing people around the world to non-invasive and explorative mediums. And now, you can finally take a trip to Paris without having to leave your bed!

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Thomas DeVito

Thomas, who studied English at SUNY Oswego, is an aspiring screenwriter and a Contributing Writer Intern for the Monologue Blogger. When not typing away at his computer, he can be found watching the latest films, or reading the newest bestseller. Unfortunately, he is unrelated to Danny DeVito.