Greatest Speeches In History Series – ETHELBERT

In this greatest speeches in history series, ETHELBERT (Saxon King of Kent) gives a speech in response to Augustine of Canterbury and his followers who wish to convert England.

ETHELBERT:  Your words are fair, and your promises – but because they are new and doubtful, I cannot give my assent to them, and leave the customs which I have so long observed, with the whole Anglo-Saxon race.  But because you have come hither as strangers from a long distance, and as I seem to myself to have seen clearly, that what you yourselves believed to be true and good, you wish to impart to us, we do not wish to molest you; nay, rather we are anxious to receive you hospitably, and to give you all that is needed for your support, nor do we hinder you from joining all whom you can to faith of religion.

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