Hack Your Way into Mr. Robot’s New Mobile Text Messaging Based Game

Evil Corp has been unleashed to mobile devices amid release of the Mr. Robot text message based tie-in game, eps1.51exfiltrati0n.

Since its premier last year, Mr. Robot has gained a large cult following, and even scored some Emmy 2016 nominations including Rami Malek for Lead Actor in a Drama, and Outstanding Drama Series. Mr. Robot, starring Malek and Christian Slater, airs on the USA Network and follows Elliot, a psychologically fractured but physically functioning hacker living in New York City. Enlisting the help of fellow hackers and computer whizzes, he constructs fsociety, an elite group created to combat and take down the powerful and greedy Evil Corp. Embracing the nature and ambiance of the show, Mr. Robot: eps1.51exfiltrati0n, transports players to the center of this chaotic and socially driven universe.

Developed by “Oxenfree,” and published by Telltale Games, Mr. Robot: eps1.51exfiltrati0n is unlike any other mobile game you’ve played before. Working closely with Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail and writer Kor Adana, the developers wanted to create a naturally feeling and interactive app that feels genuine to the universe. Sean Krankel, co-founder of Night School Studio stated “Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot, has been wanting some form of interactive branch off of what the series was, and so we pitched this initial idea, ‘What if you interacted with this world but purely via text,’ and he reacted really positively to that.” Integrating and utilizing this technology seems entirely fitting given the premise of the show, and its relation to the viewers.

Users of the app are cast in a web of exchanges as an unsuspecting body that has found a mysterious cell phone, to which they quickly get wrapped up in a sea of conflicting messages and communications. Stretching over the course of about a week, this real time, text-based game sends players into an unpredictable world of interactive and innovative storytelling. Krankel shared that, “We timed out exactly how long it takes to type out each specific line, so that it feels more real when players sit there anxiously watching the ellipses and waiting for the next message – it feels like a little cliffhanger. It plays out in real time, so you sometimes have to sit and wait on pins and needles for a response.” Adam of Night School Studio also stated, “…You get to mess with people and ruin relationships and destroy some lives and help characters on the show.” And along the way, you slowly gather enough data to aid fsociety in their task of hacking a majorly malevolent corporation.

It should be noted that this is not a side story to the television show, but that the game takes place between episodes 5 and 6 of season one, stitching together a minor gap in the plot, which may have left some viewers questioning its implications. While this missing fragment will not hinder those who merely watch the show, this app will give super fans a little extra piece of the puzzle.

Mr. Robot: eps1.51exfiltrati0n is currently available for purchase with an IOS or Android enabled phone, with a reasonable price tag of $2.99. Mr. Robot is currently on its second season, and is set to return next year for season three.

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Thomas DeVito

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