Halle Berry’s New Trailer ‘Kidnap’ Has Lots Of Buzz

As I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, trying to watch as many food-making videos as I possibly could, I came across a trailer for a movie called Kidnap. Since the title was intriguing I decided I may as well take a break from food and watch this. And, I’m sure glad I did.

The movie will probably be fabulous enough as it is because it stars Oscar winner Halle Berry, and everything she is in is nothing short of great. So, this trailer shows that this movie is going to be intense with a capital I. It opens up with her and her son in the car, playing a funny game on their way to their destination and laughing with each other, obviously portraying their close relationship to set up the rest of the trailer. They then arrive at a big park where her son goes off to play but they still keep in contact with each other by yelling “Marco, Polo” back and forth. The issue comes about when she does not hear her soon yell “Polo” anymore signaling that he is suddenly to far away from her.

Cue the suspenseful music and you see Halle Berry frantically looking, and asking around for her son. However, the real heartpounding moment begins when you see the little boy being put into a car by a stranger (being kidnapped,) and Halle Berry see the event happening, run over to the car and then, hang on to that same car as it drives away with her son. She immediately gets into her car and chases after the car that has her son in it.

There is a scene where she goes into the police station but does not want to settle for just filing a report, so being the kick-ass star that she is, she gets back into her car and chases down the car again. The rest of the trailer unfolds with her reckless driving, causing multiple accidents, but her stopping at literally nothing to get her son back. She literally says the words “As long as my son is in that car I will not stop…I will find you” and it totally looks true, just from the two minuets and six seconds that the trailer is.

Now it’s no secret that Halle Berry is going to be perfect for this suspenseful role, especially since not that long ago she was in another suspenseful film The Call where she was a 911 operator who tries to save a girl who calls in because she was kidnapped from an intruder in her home.

But that wasn’t the reason she was perfect for the role. On an interview I read on trailer addict Halle Berry said “Being a parent, I understood this in a very visceral way. I play an ordinary mom forced to act in extraordinary ways, I got to put in a little of what Halle Berry would do in this situation. That was fun.”

The movie overall has mixed reviews so far, some of the comments on IMDb state that it will just be another Taken, or Ransom type movie, but others cannot wait to see this film be released due to the heart-stopping suspense from the short trailer. Personally, I think whatever Halle Berry is in will be great, and you can count me in for a ticket to this one, sometime by the end of 2016.

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Taylor Ahern

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