Halloween Horror Nights Announces American Horror Story

Every year around Halloween, Universal Studios transforms itself into a scarefest unlike any other.

From September 16th to October 31st, horror fans can experience their favorite movies live and up close at Halloween Horror Nights, featured at both the Orlando and Hollywood amusement parks. This year’s attractions include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, Krampus, and dozens more haunted mazes and Scare Zones. One of the most anticipated, however, is the recently announced American Horror Story maze.

The “uber-maze” is set to combine elements of the Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel seasons of American Horror Story, captured in one single house. All of the iconic characters from the three seasons will be featured, including Rubber Man, Twisty the Clown, and The Countess (the latter a role portrayed by Lady Gaga in Hotel). Fans will have the opportunity to confront the unique horrors of each season, and experience these characters in a terrifying new, live setting.

“American Horror Story is one of the most disturbing television shows ever produced, and with such perverse storylines unfolding with each installment, Halloween Horror Nights is undoubtedly the only place that could create a living version of the nightmares that Ryan Murphy dreams up,” said John Murdy, Creative Director and Executive Producer of Halloween Horror Nights.

Michael Aiello, Director of Entertainment Creative Development for Universal Orlando Resort, followed up stating, “American Horror Story is engaging for so many reasons, one of them being the fantastic way each installment of the series reveals completely new characters and stories for its viewers. It’s that constant evolution that makes this popular series a perfect fit for Halloween Horror Nights — and we can’t wait for our guests to experience some of the horror they’ve seen on the show.”

Halloween Horror Nights has garnered a cult following over the years, with endless anticipation of the announced attractions. One devoted fan has even released a guidebook to the theme park, entitled “The Complete Survivor’s Guide to Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2016”. The author, Christopher Ripley, runs the HHN Unofficial Website, which details the history of the annual attraction and features in-depth news of this year’s events.

Fan service is an important factor that the developers of each year’s Halloween Horror Nights take into play. Each year the creators of HHN work closely with the producers and writers of the original films and TV shows featured in the park. The American Horror Story maze is no different, with series creator Ryan Murphy and 20th Century Fox overseeing the maze’s development.

“This reveal rounds out the most eclectic slate of brands we’ve ever had,” said Michael Aiello in an official statement for Universal Studios. “Combined with our original content houses and our scare zone and show slate, Halloween Horror Nights 26 is shaping up to be one for the books.”

The attraction is set to premiere at both the Orlando and Hollywood parks on September 16th, two days after the premiere of the latest season of American Horror Story. Fans continue to speculate the theme of the season, which is yet to be announced by Ryan Murphy.

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Rachel Meghan Sather

Rachel Meghan Sather is a writer and comedian in New York City. She currently works on the public access show The Special Without Brett Davis as an art director, and performs in shows around the city. Rachel currently attends Hunter College, and will be graduating in Winter 2016. Check out her work on rachelmeghan.com, and follow her on Twitter @scarriewhite.