Hulu and Huffington Post Team Up for Virtual Reality TV

Huffington Post’s RYOT Studios and Hulu team up to create its first virtual reality streaming television comedy and news shows.

Virtual reality continues to expand in numerous forms, from games to interactive art to full length feature films, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In March of this year, Hulu announced that it has developed a virtual realty app that is set to stream 25 pieces of VR content, converting many 2D shows into 3 dimensions, and some with 360 degree views. Although the Hulu VR app is only exclusive to Samsumg’s Gear VR headset, they recently expanded to include the Oculus Rift, which may cause a slight ruffle in the audience it reaches.

Teaming up with Huffington Post’s RYOT Studio, Hulu is set to produce 2 new shows, completely in virtual reality. RYOT co-founder Bryn Mooser said “We’ve been shooting VR for a long time now. Doing a series has always been a dream.” In order for virtual reality to continue to succeed, bigger studios are going to need to embrace the emerging technology a lot more in the near future.

Producing two shows in complete virtual reality, Hulu and RYOT introduced plans to create a comedy show, Virtually Mike and Nora, and a news reporting show, The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality. Nora Kirkpatrick will star in Virtually Mike and Nora and who has appeared in The Office.

The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality is also said to innovatively bring news to viewers through exclusive videos that are formed and crafted to allow enhancement with VR. Bryn Mooser said, “This is a news show that’s really built to the VR headset. It’s truly the first of its kind.”

While Hulu is currently competing with Netflix and Amazon for paid streaming content, it is the first to creatively produce and release virtual reality content. Every two weeks, Hulu will release a new episode in an effort to keep audiences coming back. The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality will feature 10 episodes, each surrounding three different segments, while Virtually Mike and Nora aims to produce 5 episodes. Even though virtual reality seems to be making a lasting impression on gaming and film, it is hard to predict how well television shows will do.

Hulu is currently only allowing access to their virtual reality content through Samsung’s Gear VR and Oculus Rift, with no plans to expand in the future. Virtually Mike and Nora and The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality are set to premier this fall.

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Thomas DeVito

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