In Celebration of World Emoji Day

Today is World Emoji Day, which celebrates the mass communication of digital faces used by billions of mobile phone owners.

The idea of World Emoji Day first came to fruition by way of Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge, who created the site two years ago on Twitter @WorldEmojiDay.

Since the cave man days, human beings have always used images as a way to communicate and tell stories.  It is no surprise that the concept of emojis have become a natural part of society’s evolution.

Some may remember just twenty years ago when beepers were the biggest thing since sliced bread and how a short hand developed to actually use numbers to spell a word like, HELLO. Beepers became a messaging system based on how people started using them, in addition to the alert functionality they were first designed to be.

Cellphones became the next big thing and everybody had to have one.  It wasn’t long before everyone started text messaging one another as an easy way to talk to someone, without actually verbally speaking to them.

When smart phones came into existence, that’s when text messaging went to a whole new level and the emoji began making headway as a communication tool.

Emojis became popularized when Apple introduced them through an iOS update.

Did you know that emoji’s are the fastest growing language in the world? According to the report made by Emogi Consumer Science Team, 92% of the online population uses emojis.


The emoji has become more than just a digital icon for us to use to communicate with one another.  Major stars like Beyonce and Rihanna and social media influencers like DJ Khaled have run major digital campaigns using emojis.  Brands like McDonalds, Apple and even Saturday Night Live have all became practitioners of using emojis for marketing campaigns and connection.

Here’s a fantastic infographic created by Signal to give you a quick visual scan of the impact Emojis have had on society.

Overall, emojis are here to stay and one can only imagine where things will go. Perhaps one day we will have a more sophisticated animation emoji or the ability to speak audio through an emoji when someone receives a message from us.

Anything is possible.

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Chris Jacobs

Chris Jacobs is a Contributing Writer for Monologue Blogger. He is currently working on a graphic novel, expected to be released come 2017. In addition to being a writer, Chris is also known to create music for independent films.