Kristen Bell set to star in new Musical Children’s Show, Do, Re & Mi

Kristen Bell is teaming up with Gaumont Television to produce and star in a new animated children’s show, Do, Re & Mi.

Given her past credits, Kristen Bell is no stranger to the world of animation. From the widely successful Frozen, to the most recent Zootopia, Bell has dominated box offices, and homes, around the world. Having two small children of her own, with husband Dax Shepard, it should be no surprise that she is diving deeper into the world of children’s animation. It was announced earlier this week that Gaumont Television, who are best known for their productions of Narcos and Hannibal, and Kristen Bell are teaming up to produce an animated musical cartoon called Do, Re & Mi. While this production is aimed at preschoolers and young children, I’m willing to bet that we will get some catchy tunes from it.

Created by American Idol finalist Jackie Tohn, with the help of Michael Scharf, Do, Re & Mi has enlisted Kristen Bell to join in creating a unique, one of a kind show with imaginative and inspired songs. Nicolas Atlan, who will oversee the project as the newly appointed president of animation for Gaumont, said “What better way to jumpstart our new animation division than by joining with Kristen Bell and her creative, innovative partners Michael, Jackie and Ivan who brought Do, Re & Mi to our attention,” While little is known about the specific plot, or any of the characters, the show is said to take viewers on a “musical adventure.” Atlan goes on to say, “We believe ‘Do, Re & Mi’ will connect kids to music in a fun, new way across all screens.” The series will be comprised of 52 episodes clocking in at 11 minutes each, and will see a wide range of special guest stars.

While the forefront of the production is that of a television show, there are major plans to expand the Do, Re & Mi universe. Ivan Askwith, who is in charge of cross platform strategies, explains that there is a great expectancy to extend the show to games, apps, music videos, and other various platforms. Nicolas Atlan stated, “We believe ‘Do, Re & Mi’ will connect kids to music in a fun, new way across all screens.”

As of right now, there is no official date to when Do, Re & Mi will debut, when production begins, or even where the show will debut, but keep an eye out.

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