Margery Simkin: Casting Director Tips for Actors

Margery Simkin is a Casting Director who has cast films like Avatar, Erin Brockovich and Top Gun. Bow Street sits down to talk with her about Self Taping, Headhots, Auditioning, Show Reels, Promoting Yourself and being Professional.

Self Taping

  • Make sure the lighting is good.
  • Have your name on the download file
  • Make it easier for the casting director to present you if you do more than one take by seperating each take as a different file


  • Headshots should look like you, not your best version of yourself. When you walk through the door, you must be recognizable.
  • Take a headshot that is pleasing, not too smiley or serious.


  • Don’t be desperate but rather focused on doing your work as a professional.

Show Reels

  • Avoid montages in your acting reels.
  • Don’t place your “shouting scenes”, it’s important for you to show you can be natural.
  • Have a full body shot in your work.

Promoting Yourself

  • Don’t waste your time with postcards.

Being Professional

  • Word travels about your professionalism.
  • Show up on time.
  • Don’t be difficult.

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