Monologue Review: AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY

In today’s monologue review we will be looking at the play August: Osage County by Tracy Letts.  There are 3 monologues reviewed to help actors find good monologue audition material.

If you are not familiar with this play, you MUST read it.  It is a powerful work of writing.  I first came into contact with the film, which is fantastic and I definitely recommend you watching it.  The characters in this play are so vibrant and true that when you read the play they jump off the page fully formed from your imagination.  This play is an enjoyable read and there are a few monologues certainly worth checking out.


Character Beverly Weston:

In the opening of the play, which is a prologue, there is a monologue from the character Beverly Weston, who is the husband of Violet Weston.  This monologue is good for an actor 60 to about 75 years old.  In the play Beverly is 69 years of age.

There is alot of room for the actor to work here.  In this monologue Beverly is interviewing a woman by the name of Johnna Monevata, who is a potential housekeeper for the family.

Monologue Summary:

In Beverly’s monologue, he talks about T.S. Eliot while under the influence of whiskey.  This reveals much about his own character as you will find out throughout the rest of the play.  He also discusses his wife Violet, who takes an abundance of pills.  He openly mentions that Violet takes pills and he drinks, while interviewing Johnna in his home.  It’s a fine monologue to explore for an older actor.


Character Karen Weston:

There’s also another terrific monologue in this play for a woman.  Look into the character named Karen.  She is 40 years old and the youngest one of the three sisters.  You will find her monologue at the start of Act Two.

Monologue Summary:

In Karen’s monologue, she talks to her sister Barbara about a past love slash abusive relationship that she had lived through.  Nothing like when she was a little girl dreaming in her bed and having fantasies of love.  She moves the conversation on to the man she is currently with and how she admires his ambition.


Character Violet Westen:

A few pages into Act Three, Violet has a monologue.  Violet is 65 years old.

Monologue Summary:

In this monologue, Violet talks about a crush she had as a youth on a boy named Raymond Qualls.  She talks about how he would wear shiny cowboy boots and that she convinced herself of getting a similar pair, with the hopes of having Raymond like her and ask her to be his girlfriend.  She goes on to tell the story of how she pestered her mother for the boots and that at Christmas time there was a box .  Sure enough, there was a pair of boots in it that was caked in mud and dog shit.

There you have it, three monologues from the play August:  Osage County.  You can purchase the play right at the link above or you may also find this play at your local library or bookstore.  Certainly worth reading and working on.

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