Netflix to Have More International Subscribers over Domestic by 2018

According to a London’s IHS Markit analysis, Netflix will reach over 100 million subscribers by 2018, with their international subscribers overtaking their domestic ones.

With the company’s announcement in January that they were taking their streaming service completely global, Netflix now offers their content to more than 130 countries (they are still working on China and North Korea). The intent is to offer Netflix to anyone, anywhere, on any device. It’s no secret that the service is keen on expanding not only in countries, but also in membership numbers.

Irina Kornilova, senior analyst at IHS Technology, told Street Insider, “At the moment, Netflix has 79.9 million total paying subscribers…By 2018, international subscribers will overtake the number of subscribers in the US for the first time, and by 2020, Netflix will have 75 million international subscribers.”

IHS technology has shown that between 2014 and 2015, Netflix’s subscribers increased 30 percent – and they are set to increase 21 percent in 2016. Expanding globally seems to have been the right move for the company, as they have achieved heights in subscribers both domestically and internationally, with a 2020 global revenue at $13 million.

IHS Markit also reports that with the “soon to be localized” Poland and Turkey markets will peak interest in the Central European region. Western Europe can already boast to have the most subscribers outside of the US, with over six million in the UK alone by the end of 2016.

“With the worldwide launch, Netflix has launched a platform upon which it can build and differentiate the service to fit specifics of every region in the future,” Kornilova said in a statement, “Netflix is starting this localization process in Poland and Turkey this year. Subscribers in these countries can expect an addition of local languages to the user interface, subtitles and dubbing of content. This will help drive new subscriber numbers dramatically.”

The new countries Netflix announced back in January that were to receive the service globally, will now account for 25 percent of all international subscribers at 19 million. Netflix knows that to conquer to the streaming world, expanding to the entirety of the actual world is a necessity. And by 2020, for the ambitious streaming service – it might be world domination.

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Sarah Johnson

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