A Moment With Smith (drama) 1 Minute

SMITH:  I just wanted to cry…my eyes…went I felt the tears come forward, it burned and I had to hold it all back before but I knew that I would feel better if I did, I knew that it would be some kind of a release from all the shit I’ve been keeping in for so long.  Years of just absolute shit…I was by myself…just sitting in my chair, in front of my computer and I suddenly became overwhelmed, I didn’t even know where it came from…it Read More +

“Musk Mitts’ (comedy) 1-2 Minutes

TIM:  I finally went to the Doctor about it.  You know, I recognized that something needed to be done.  I mean, I was scratching my balls and sniffing my fingers so much that people at work were starting to give me dirty looks.  That’s why I’m wearing my Musk Mitts. They’ve given me my life back. I guess the breaking point was when I started wiping my finger musk on people.  I did that for months on end in secret but on one particular day, little Ronnie, the mail delivery boy, came into Read More +