Pretty ____ Ideas Crafts a Commercially Uninterrupted Space for Filmmakers to Create

Pretty ____ Ideas marks the first ever profitable incubator company for independent movies, allowing filmmakers to focus entirely on their creative process.

It appears too often that a film changes course over the long and countless hours of creation, from pre-production to marketing, which conventionally ingest most of the creator’s time and money. Now, what if there was a way to set all that aside, and just strictly focus all the attention on creating? Visit Films has developed the first ever incubator for independent films, Pretty ____ Ideas. And while this is a commercial company, they promise to not treat you like it.

Ryan Kampe, who is President of Visit Film (a substantial film distribution company), saw time and time again the spirit of filmmakers be drawn out and drained by the continuous stresses over investors and difficulty from larger corporations. He expressed his concern with big brands and their effect on filmmakers. “We want them to create without somebody’s investment being so big that they would be pressuring them on very hard deadlines or pressuring them to just get a product out as opposed to making the film they really want to make.” To combat this broad process, Pretty ____ Ideas was created to invite filmmakers into a space that allows them to simply create and craft their production.

Visit Film’s company, Pretty ____ Ideas, is focused on the longer term realizations of the film business. He states “We learned that because we have a commitment to these films for eight to twelve years, we’ve had to learn how to monetize them over time and therefore it would help to take long-term view from the beginning.” With the foundation of Pretty ____ Ideas, creators essentially would no longer have to worry about substantial issues that do no involve creating. It is Pretty ____ Ideas’s focus and aim to guide filmmakers though countless stages of the process, from the pitch and script stage to distribution and development to post production.

Often times, creators feel immense pressure from the bigger studios to craft and formulate the product to their liking, rather than to the artist original vision, losing its individuality and touch. Kampe also states “It’s that cohesive approach to looking at the marketing, distribution, and festival life of a film that when a producer or filmmaker is putting together a project on their own, they don’t really have that person who does that. Most just blindly trust one of the talent agencies to do that for them later in the process…” Pretty ____ Ideas has the creator’s best interest in mind, and rather than destroying it, they help to craft it according to the original vision. And as the underscore in the name suggests, this company is leaving the space blank for creators to insert their own projects and ideas.

Pretty ____ Ideas currently has two films in production, two in development, and has successfully fully completed two movies. To submit a project to Pretty ____ Ideas, visit their website to get started.

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Thomas DeVito

Thomas, who studied English at SUNY Oswego, is an aspiring screenwriter and a Contributing Writer Intern for the Monologue Blogger. When not typing away at his computer, he can be found watching the latest films, or reading the newest bestseller. Unfortunately, he is unrelated to Danny DeVito.