Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Fall In Love All Over Again

It’s no secret that every time Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make a movie together, it’s magical. First in our favorite rom com, Crazy Stupid Love where Ryan Gosling (unknowingly) helps Emma Stone’s dad to become a “bad boy” at the same time he falls in love with her (a quirky law student,) and becomes the good guy he was against. They had an undeniable chemistry in that movie, so much so that they did another movie together Gangster Squad. In that film, a team of cops wants to take down a team of gangsters. That movie is much more glamorous, and also more serious than the first, but the two in any movie together is enough to make fans happy.

When fans found out recently that the two would be back in another film together, people couldn’t help but go nuts. Here’s what we know so far about the film: It’s called La La Land, and it is a comedy, a drama, and yes it’s true a musical all in one. Who knew Ryan Gosling could sing? Not me but I am excited to see it.

We also know that the plot is that a jazz pianist (Ryan Gosling) apparently falls in love with an upcoming actress (Emma Stone,) in sunny Los Angeles. Sebastian played by Gosling works in run down bars, just trying to get by. Mia, played by stone will do whatever it takes to get her foot in the door, at first being more of an assistant to the famous people she so desperately wants to become. When they fall in love, success starts to pour in, and they have to balance the thin line between the success they’ve always wanted, and the new love that they have found.

People are also commenting on the title saying it is a reference to both the fantasy world that la la land is claimed to be, and also for Los Angeles itself. But also, the fact that it was supposed to be originally set in Boston but everyone felt that Los Angeles was a better fit for the type of rise to fame movie that it is.

Overall this production had a slow upbringing. First with two completely different characters casted, then with a different location, and then with its release. It was first shown as the opening film at the Venice Film Festival in August of 2016, but had no real major motion picture release date. Now its popularity took off, and it is also going to be screened at the Telluride Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, and the BFI London Film Festival, all within the upcoming final months of 2016. It is also set to be released for wide release in December second 2016 and we are all so excited.

The soundtrack includes artists like John Legend, Callie Hernandez, but also Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Fans just cannot wait to see the two sing a handful of songs in this romantic musical.

Overall the film is supposed to be a tie between the joy and pain of chasing dreams, and also to look at Ryan Gosling and Emma stone fall in love in another movie all over again.

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Taylor Ahern

Hi my name is Taylor Ahern. I am a student at Wagner College studying English. I love to write about pop culture and what I think the younger generation is very interested in. I love tv and it is my dream to eventually write a show or even a movie one day. I hope my articles keep you interested (: