Scream Queens Is Ready For More Screams in Season 2

Scream Queens season one premiered on Fox in 2015. Fans went crazy over the all star cast which included Emma Roberts who played Chanel Oberlin the president of the sorority the show is based off of Kappa Kappa Tau, Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd, and Abigail Breslin who are the minions of the president. They make the sorority house the most glamorous yet evil place to be. The dean of students played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is fed up with the way the sorority chapter has been running, and she wants The Chanels (the president and her minions,) to accept any person who wants to be in the chapter, not just those who look a certain way. That leads to them accepting Grace Gardner played by Skyler Samuels, Zayday Williams played by Keke Palmer, Hester Ulrich played by Lea Michele, Sam played by Jeanna Han, and Tiffany DeSalle played by Whitney Meyer. These new girls that they have to accept have things about them that The Chanels would have never welcome before, like one being a tomboy, one having scoliosis and an obsession with Chanel, and one wanting to take over the chapter as a whole. Opening this door creates problems for Chanel as a whole, threatening her popularity, and her relationship with Chad Radwell played by Glen Powers.

Chanel tries to make the pledges lives miserable and the games turn into mysterious murders committed by Red Devil, who is dressed as a sorority mascot. The first season is everyone including fans trying to figure out who exactly this killer is, while watching your favorite stars be bitchy and quirky at the same time. Eventually at the end of season one, you find out who the killer was.

Now season two is back and fans are more than ready for the next mystery to unfold. In this season, the setting won’t be in a sorority house, but in a hospital, where graduates come in and join in the mysterious comedy.

Episode one of season two premiered last night, September 20 and fans were not disappointed at all.

In the first episode, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis,) buys an abandoned hospital and hires two surgeons Dr. Brock Holt, played by John Stamos, and Dr. Cassidy Cascade played by Taylor Lautner. Fans went crazy over Uncle Jesse and Jacob Black in the same show as doctors, was enough to keep them watching for a whole season. Zayday Williams aka Keke Palmer is a medical student who works in the hospital as well. The major plot twist of the first episode was that the dean also asks for help from the Chanels who reeked havoc in the first season (and who also are not the most equipped to work in a hospital if we’re being honest,) and a new killer comes out along with weird secrets about the hospitals past.

The first episode received a lot of feedback, mostly good and it was said that Scream Queens came back with a bang.

The next episode which will air on October 4th features a new patient, the return of Chad Radwell, secrets, and a face off with the killer.

Scream Queens will air every Tuesday on Fox at 9pm.

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