Short Monologues for Acting Auditions

Sometimes casting directors and agents want to see a monologue under 1 minute long.  Our short monologues should do the trick.  These monologues cut sharp and pack a good punch in a short amount of time.

  • Two Shades Away this is about trying to reach your goals.
  • Frame of Mind MITCH talks philosophy with his nephew regarding the ability of controlling one’s mind at all times.
  • It’s Mine – a monologue about hustle and grind.
  • False Reality – VINCI talks to his girl about trying to find the truth.
  • The Bear – this is about caring too much about people.
  • Small Town – this is about having the deep desire to be alone.
  • One Shot –  Make this monologue about anything you want it to be about for yourself.
  • Hold Me – CINDY complains to her man about how he doesn’t hug her anymore when they go to sleep at night.
  • Rattled His Innocence – monologue about murder.
  • Fact of the Matter – DIANE complains to her brother about how he hasn’t called their ailing Mother.
  • 20 Second Rant – DREW rants about how some people think they have a higher wisdom with certain topics, when in truth, they really know jack shit.
  • Acting Different – CASSANDRA tells her boyfriend that she doesn’t like it when he acts like a tough guy in front of his friends.

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